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Datacentre Build.

Exodus - Managing growth efficiently


Exodus features award-winning solutions from Comtec, specialists in the design, build, maintenance, monitoring and management of datacentres and server rooms.

We are an experienced systems integrator with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the IT industry. As such, we are perfectly positioned to deliver highly resilient solutions for high-density IT deployments and our on-going maintenance and management services help to reduce the threat of systems downtime, mitigate the risk of thermal shutdown and keep facilities operating optimally.

We manage systems growth efficiently; so strategies such as server consolidation, virtualisation and high-density computing can flourish and benefit your organisation, regardless of energy, space and resource constraints. We are able to help organisations anticipate and respond to the high demands placed upon network-critical physical infrastructure, ensuring energy and cost efficient IT delivery with the maximum availability of information.

As a long-standing datacentre specialist we provide intelligent structures and services that address a range of strategic IT and business objectives. Our solutions provide high-availability power, cooling, management and monitoring to meet service level agreements and guaranteed uptime requirements for all types of organisations, large or small.

Design To Deliver

When it comes to designing a datacentre or server room, we adopt a unique ‘eco-structure’ approach that produces maximum efficiency in terms of space, energy use, carbon emissions and maintenance. By investing in integrated infrastructure for power and backup, cooling, security, physical threat protection, monitoring, management and next generation connectivity, our datacentre solutions deliver unrivalled performance and availability for your IT and communications assets.

Efficiency is at the heart of the design process. Close attention is paid to the design and management of power and cooling elements to maximise cost savings and ensure that physical infrastructure is flexible enough to adapt to changes in demand whilst maintaining a healthy host environment.

We only work with Tier 1 manufacturers to supply award-winning, optimised, energy efficient and scalable datacentres.

I would like to thank Comtec for its professional approach and attitude in moving well over 250 PC’s and 50 servers to our new Trust Headquarter. Newham PCT will definitely be recommending and utilising your services in the foreseeable future.
Bob Khan, Relocation Project Manager, Newham Primary Care Trust


Efficiently removing heat from datacentre and server room environments, and away from individual IT components, is one the biggest challenges facing IT and facilities departments. A challenge made even more complex by the onset of virtualisation and the development of high-density computing. Applying an intelligent, efficient and comprehensively ‘right-sized’ approach to the design and implementation of cooling is of paramount importance in order to avoid systems downtime.

UPS And Power Protection

Assured datacentre availability is a business-critical imperative. Without robust and scalable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems in place, you simply don’t have a resilient business continuity strategy in place. Knowing how to adopt and operate the optimum UPS systems can be challenging in an environment that is subject to constant change and becoming increasingly virtualised.

Virtualised & High Density Datacentres

There is increasing pressure on today’s datacentre managers to squeeze value and productivity from the white space available. Optimised environments for high density and virtualised IT loads need the right software tools to manage layout, upgrades and operations; together with flexible and adaptable architecture for physical infrastructure. Solutions feature:

  • Physical infrastructure for high density IT equipment
  • Right-sized UPS/ PDUs, delivering datacentre efficiency
  • Fully managed close-coupled cooling, neutralising hot-spots and improving availability
  • Hot aisle containment, enabling the deployment of room-neutral high density aisles within larger facilities
  • Solutions up to 10kW/ rack, delivering predictable blade server functionality
  • Comprehensive datacentre management software, reducing management overhead

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