Comtec Enterprises and Datto: protecting data on-site and in the cloud

Without intelligence, a business has nothing and this fact has grown in importance as organisations have embraced the digital revolution and relied more than ever before on rich, real-time data.Protecting data on-site and in the cloud

Protecting your intellectual property is key, but accomplishing this in the age of cloud and SaaS is becoming increasingly complex and misunderstood.

That’s why the data experts here at Comtec Enterprises – in partnership with leading vendor Datto – are offering you the chance to understand how to simplify data management and backup to protect critical data assets, without breaking the bank.

Join us on June 29th either on-premise or via the cloud! (details below)

Whether via on-site backup appliances or using a cloud storage service (such as Datto Backupify) Datto and Comtec Enterprises can orchestrate your internal IT systems to securely backup data whilst protecting it from ransomware and other threats. This ensures the ability to roll back to any point and achieve guaranteed point-in-time recovery.

Join us on June 29th at Datto’s UK HQ in Reading or via remote WebEx to discover how together we can drive your business continuity to new heights without the need for you to invest in in-depth technical skills.

Register for the event
Datto EMEA Headquarters
250 Longwater Avenue, Green Park
Reading, RG2 6GB

Schedule: 29th June 2017
– 10:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee
– 10:30 Simplifying Data Management
– 11:30 Effective Anti-Ransomware Strategies
– 12:00 Q&A
– 12:30 Buffet Lunch & Networking

Register for the WebEx
Exclusive 30-minute session starts at 2pm on 29th June 2017

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