Get your life back with easy, cloud-based IT management


IT is like a genius footballer: capable of amazing things, but needs a manager to keep it focused on the job!

HiResWhether you’re an IT professional or a non-techie business leader, there must be thousands of better things you could be doing with your time than fiddling around with technology to make it work.

But as much as everyone resents it, IT management processes are essential. They enable organisations to:

– Maximise their investments in technology
– Ensure that IT stays aligned with the constantly changing needs of the business
– Target efficiency and performance improvements
– Anticipate growth and risk challenges
– Monitor and report on information and business processes, for compliance and training purposes

However, in many organisations, IT management simply takes too long. With the increasing pressure upon organisations to be as productive and streamlined as possible, IT management can be a real obstacle to progress.

Cloud Holds the Key

Modern, cloud-based IT solutions offer a new perspective on IT management by combining the control of multiple systems into a single dashboard. This drastically reduces the time spent duplicating management tasks between different systems, and improves overall visibility and control.

But cloud-based IT management isn’t just great for keeping your technology ticking along; it also offers significant efficiencies in set-up, configuration and deployment of new IT solutions. This transforms typical project implementation times from weeks down to hours or even minutes.

Meraki: Networking, CCTV, Wireless/Mobile and Security – in one place

Cisco Meraki is one of Comtec’s key technology partners, and one of the world’s leading vendors of business IT solutions.

Meraki offers an extensive portfolio of IT products designed for the modern enterprise including wireless access points, security appliances, switching, mobility management, and CCTV video surveillance. Each is designed to work together as an ecosystem and help deliver a truly scalable and easy-to-manage unified IT solution.

This is made possible through a consistent and seamless management experience. So whether setting up a new IP camera or configuring a group of wireless access points, it’s all easy thanks to cloud management via the Meraki Dashboard – a browser-based user interface that supports feature-rich, elastic, and intuitive centralised management for organisations of any size. This reduces costs and simplifies the way administrators interact with technology.

Take a look at this new case study , published this month, about a recent Cisco Meraki deployment undertaken by Comtec. You can also watch this short webinar and receive a free Cisco Meraki AP with three-year license.

Opt out of managing IT altogether with Comtec Virtual IT Support

Going one stage further that the ‘easy’ IT management route is the ‘zero’ IT management approach. This is achieved by Comtec’s own cloud-based IT delivery capability that removes the burden of IT management processes from your shoulders. This, combined with our experienced engineers, automated practices and 24/7 support commitment, provide many UK enterprises with maximum peace of mind. Find out more here .

By spending less time on your IT management, you can benefit from:

– Complete focus on your core business activities – no more IT management distractions
– Optimised headcount and manpower costs
– Reprioritisation of innovative, strategic IT projects that you previously didn’t have the spare internal resources to support
– The ability to recognise and respond to competitive threats
– Renewed customer focus
– A more progressive attitude to migrate from outdated legacy systems to new generations of superior technology

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