The best way to cut IT costs without compromising quality

With all this IT talk of ‘digital business transformation’ and other IT buzzwords, it’s easy to overlook the reality of living with IT in busy business environment.

Many organisations find it hard to cost-effectively:

  • Manage the 24/7 running of computers, servers, phone systems and other IT infrastructure
  • Scale-up IT resources in line with business growth or a sudden change in circumstances
  • Recruit/retain skilled IT people internally
  • Know how to manage IT risk and plan for unforeseen events

Smaller businesses in particular like to streamline their operations to focus as much as possible on their core competencies.  IT becomes a chicken-and-egg scenario.  You need it to automate and accelerate business processes, but you can’t afford to let it become a distraction.

The answer lies in smartsourcing some or all of your IT to a managed IT service provider like Comtec.  But how do you know if it will bring net benefits to your organisation, or which elements of your IT to cede control of?

There are many strategic business opportunities associated with outsourcing some or all of your IT responsibilities

Outsourcing/smartsourcing is about more than just cutting costs and lessening internal distraction on ancillary business activity.  Some of the other benefits include:

  • Access to multidisciplinary skills. Is your current IT partner a jack of all trades, but a master of none?  Aim for qualified skills in each IT area.
  • The flexibility to evolve. There is one IT buzzword worth holding onto: agility.  Does your existing IT set-up have the on-demand resources to help your business take advantage of business change?
  • Bettering the competition. Are any of your competitors faster and leaner than you?  Their superior performance could be down to IT smartsourcing.
  • Take advantage of innovation. As new technologies replace the old, your business could be left in the slow lane.  Keeping up doesn’t have to be complicated to understand or expensive to execute when you smartsource your IT.
  • Never outgrow your IT. Smartsourcing suits businesses small and large.  Many of our managed IT service customers have been with us for years, and have double or tripled in size without ever being constrained by the complexities of scaling IT systems.

Comtec works with hundreds of UK businesses – small and large – to provide the flexibility, expertise and resources to maximise the value of their IT.  Unlike many managed IT service providers, we provide all this entirely in-house to offer improved responsiveness and accountability.

We invest heavily in understanding the latest technology, so you don’t have to.  Our state-of-the-art 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides round-the-clock, proactive systems monitoring and management; ensuring systems availability and performance.

Our team of accredited experts helps to ensure the availability of business-critical applications and data whilst driving down the costs of managing an extensive technology estate. Whether you’re looking for a basic maintenance contract or proactive system management with real-time monitoring and response, Comtec has the right solution for you.