The IT habits of the UK’s most profitable businesses

Contestants on The Apprentice aren’t idiots.  Yes, they might act like fools.  Yes, they are probably some of the most boorish people you could ever have the misfortune of meeting.  And they almost certainly have the salesmanship skills of a fried egg sandwich.

But they never let IT get in the way of a business idea. HiRes

Examining the habits of successful entrepreneurs is an object lesson in the value of knowing your limits and trusting a specialist to take care of specialist matters .

Let me put it another way: James Dyson never stayed up all night fretting about a Windows upgrade.  Richard Branson is a complete and utter virgin when it comes to datacentre power and cooling.  Mr Kipling doesn’t waste a moment in the kitchen baking exceedingly good IT storage arrays.

Follow in the footsteps of the single-minded

Thumb through any corporate self-help book, attend any business startup conference, Google any management blog and the following habits of successful entrepreneurs come up time and time again:

  • Surround Yourself with the Best
  • Keep Focused on the Big Idea
  • Listen to Feedback
  • Adapt to New Situations

These traits all point to the importance of not getting bogged down by non-core business processes like IT, and instead profiting from the hard-won expertise of trusted advisors.  There are only so many hours in the day, and successful business leaders can’t afford to become experts in everything.

Demand an objective view of new technology opportunities

While entrepreneurs avoid being overburdened with IT, this doesn’t prevent them from maximising opportunities from new technology.  Quite the contrary in fact.  By demanding high-value partnerships with like-minded, flexible IT suppliers and consultants, they surround themselves with the best advice, and can respond more rapidly to changing market conditions, competitive threats and customer preferences .

Compare this to organisations that are unable to streamline their business processes and take advantage of innovations such as greater IT automation.

Smartsourcing your IT isn’t just about saving costs

IT is integral to the success of modern businesses, and expectations for 24/7 access and uptime have never been higher.  Managing all this internally can attract significant cost pressures which tighten further when sudden demands arise.  Add the ever-present scourge of cyber attack and the difficulties associated with hiring and retaining highly-skilled in-house IT people and it’s clear why so many organisations opt to ‘smartsource’ aspects of their critical IT operations,  while retaining complete oversight and control.

The benefits of doing so with a managed IT service provider like Comtec Enterprises include:

  • Reduced running costs of IT no matter how much or rapidly you grow
  • Increased internal focus on key business goals rather than ancillary distractions
  • Increased IT service levels and accountability
  • Greater on-demand access to a pool of qualified and accredited IT skills
  • Greater business agility and responsiveness in the face of change
  • Enhanced competitiveness
  • First-mover advantage with new technologies
  • Digital strategy fully aligned to business objectives

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