Why your next telecoms decision must be more strategic

Businesses have got away with treating telecoms as a commodity in the past, but need to think more strategically in future to avoid being caught out.  This blog post explains why.

It doesn’t really matter who you buy gas, water and electricity services from – just select the lowest tariff and pay for what you use.  But treating telecoms as a similar kind of afterthought could store up expensive and disruptive problems later on down the line.

Don’t refresh without planning ahead

Say it’s renewal time and your existing telecoms provider makes you an offer to carry on for another 12 months.  Well done if you’re savvy enough to go out into the market and compare connectivity contracts from the leading providers . 

But the really smart approach is to look deeper into your future requirements so that you aren’t left stranded mid-term with insufficient bandwidth or quality or service.  Adopting this longer-term view causes you to pause and consider exactly what you need, setting you up for future opportunities and challenges while reducing the risk of wasting money on old services you no longer require.

It’s not just how big it is – it’s what you do with it that counts!

Another fatal error is becoming fixated on headline numbers rather than putting thought into exactly what you need to use voice and data connectivity for.  It’s a bit like setting a £100 budget for household groceries and having no idea of what ingredients you need for all the meals that week!

It’s comparatively simple to get high speed, high capacity services at a competitive price – but that doesn’t mean they will be automatically geared to your needs.  Perhaps you need the assurance of Ethernet-level bandwidth .  Perhaps your connectivity requirements are very latency-sensitive, such as video conferencing traffic.  Perhaps you need symmetric rather than asymmetric dataflows, or a mechanism for allowing for peak demand for temporary periods.  Choosing the right connectivity product must be based upon an assessment of application and data traffic trends across every part of your network estate.

Connect connectivity into your digital transformation goals

As organisations get more strategic about their digital and IT business goals, they need to ensure that connectivity is at the heart of their thinking.  The right connectivity services enable business agility and maximum customer responsiveness.   The wrong connectivity services diminish competitive advantage and put you into the digital slowlane.

So don’t make the mistake of decoupling connectivity requirements from your high-level business aspirations.  It’s going to be an evolutionary journey where needs will change over time and different connectivity products and service levels are going to play a role as you pass each milestone.

Comtec Enterprises understands the IT trends that drive connectivity adoption, and offers a comprehensive range of enterprise-grade voice and data services to meet every need.  Whether via the world’s leading service provider customers, or via Comtec Enterprise’s own core network, we can provide everything from leased lines, DSL and SIP trunks to EFM, fibre, MPLS/VPLS, Gigabit bearers and core network interconnects.

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