Windows Server 2003 – Time to Move On

July 14 2015 sees Windows Server 2003 reach its end-of-life. The mainstream support finished July 13 2010 and it has been in ”extended support” since then. This means that no further patches or security updates will be available from Microsoft. In itself this poses a Security risk and Compliance problem for business. Most third party applications are now only supported on the latest 64bit platforms and application support from these bodies is another major risk driver for the change.

Windows Server 2003 is the last bastion of 32 bit server software, although Windows Server 2008 did allow a 32bit version, the R2 version is only 64bit and Windows Server 2012 and R2 are also 64bit cheaper to source with Memory dropping in price dramatically and disk capacities growing at a faster level than ever before for much the same price as the lower capacity devices was years before.

So you are quite often able to replace the equipment purchased to run Windows Server 2003 10-12 years ago for a similar or lower price that you paid then but with enormous growth in capacity and performance.

System Administrators are not keen on change as this is when issues often occur, the old maxim “if it works don’t fix it” applies, which is why many companies are still running Windows Server 2003 (there are 10 million machines still running Windows Sever 2003). However Comtec are here to assist in the process of migration and change.

Microsoft supply a number of utilities and wizards which aid the migration of key server and network services across to the new platforms and Comtec’s consultants can assist by performing the change and/or mentoring your staff in the process. Application migration to 64 bit versions have put a number of System Administrators off making the jump, Comtec can assist in managing the third party suppliers in going through this process and allowing you company to benefit from the new features and performance increases inherent in moving to the latest versions of the applications.

Many companies are using this opportunity to move to a hosted infrastructure so Comtec can help you make the decision to either do a capex refresh or move to transition IT to an op-ex based infrastructure as a service.