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Copy data management


Actifio is the pioneer and leader in the area of copy data management.

Their solutions offer a radically simple way to address the root cause of the exponential growth in business data by removing the need to hold multiple copies. The result is a single, simple, elegant system that lets customers recover any data from any time instantly and at a cost and management overhead which is up to 90% less than traditional methods.

As an Actifio Platinum Partner, Comtec is able to help organisations deploy Virtual Data Management within their own infrastructure, or deliver solutions in the area of Remote Backup and High-Availability Disaster Recovery.


Virtualised Data Management

Comtec is able to assist organisations in deploying virtual data management within their existing IT and data infrastructure. Our expertise in this area along with our close partnership with Actifio enables us to help you define, architect, deploy and support Copy Data Management within your organisation to reduce storage capacity, eliminate backup and restore windows and establish confidence in the availability of your data.

Backup As-A-Service

Comtec enables organisations to deliver a step-change in the way they protect business data through a highly effective, SLA-driven on-site and off-site electronic backup service. At the heart of our service is the Actifio Protection and Availability Storage (PAS) solution that enables us to significantly reduce the footprint of copy data and as such, simplify the management and execution of data backups. This allows us to deliver a fully-managed and electronic service against the SLAs that your business needs.

High-Availability Disaster Recovery

Comtec enables organisations put in place proven and effective business continuity by replicating core business applications and ensuring the immediate availability of disaster recovery data. We do this by leveraging the Actifio Protection and Availability Storage (PAS) solution to replicate your data within our datacentre and then to make your core business applications available in our virtual environment.

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