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Enterprise storage solutions


Traditional storage systems are inefficient and expensive, forcing enterprises to buy more and more storage to keep pace. Dell takes a different approach.

Dell have developed an end-to-end portfolio of enterprise storage solutions built on the Fluid Data™ architecture that are designed to automatically and intelligently optimise data everywhere, providing high efficiency and availability without hidden lifecycle costs.

The Fluid Data architecture is characterised by unique engineering tenets and a combination of industry-leading software technologies, including thin provisioning, tiering, de-dupe, and compression, with resilient hardware to provide new levels of utilisation and performance in the datacentre.

As a result of this efficient, flexible and reliable approach, Dell is able to provide enterprises with what they really want – an IT infrastructure that can move the business forward.

Technology that keeps your data as dynamic as your business
Fluid Data is a unifying storage architecture that aims to put the right data in the right place at the right time for the right cost. It does so by thoughtfully integrating key technologies consistently across the Fluid Data architecture.

  • Automated tiering: Optimise your environment with built-in, intelligent tiering for drives, RAID levels and load-balancing; across arrays without downtime.
  • Dynamic provisioning: Refresh, scale and anticipate capacity and performance needs without setting yourself up for a costly forklift upgrade.
  • Intelligent management: Automate administration with intuitive interfaces and built-in intelligence, so you can focus less on day-to-day operations and more on innovation.
  • Array and software-based data protection: Unite data protection and backup operations with thin snapshots, replication and automatic recovery, ensuring high availability of your critical data.
  • Fluid File System: Unify block and file infrastructures without the typical volume limits of NAS. Scale performance and capacity without interrupting operations.
  • De-duplication and compression: Deploy content-aware data reduction technologies to maximize disk resources and deliver better compression.

Put data in the right place, at the right time for the right cost
Dell storage is transforming the way the world thinks about storage. They’ve started fresh, building the right storage architecture using best-of-breed technologies developed in the last decade. Because they don’t have legacy technology to protect, they’re able to focus their engineering efforts on delivering technology that moves your business forward.

Dell’s strategy is based on a commitment to deliver on an open, scalable design. To make enterprise features a reality for companies of all sizes and to make advanced storage functionality affordable to own and operate.

At the same time, they aim to disrupt the economics of the enterprise technology model; developing solutions that scale with efficiency and deliver repeatable results with any size deployment. Above all, Dell are committed to redefining the customer experience — to make storage easier to buy, easier to own and easier to operate.

Delivering a new customer experience: optimising data everywhere
Cloud, Convergence, Security and Big Data; the dynamics of the datacentre are changing. This paradigm shift is forcing organisations to rethink how to best architect their IT infrastructure to move their business forward. Dell Fluid Data architecture is designed to help you anticipate and evolve to changing, often competing, IT delivery models.

  • Delivering data insights — before you can deliver data insights, you need to ensure your data is online and available throughout its lifecycle. Dell Storage is committed to building upon our technological leadership to make it efficient for organizations to store and analyse more data.
  • Integrated systems — the traditional boundaries between servers, storage and networking continue to collapse. Dell’s experience as an end-to-end provider of best of breed hardware and software is an advantage as they continue to unveil new end-to-end solutions that help simplify and speed cost-effective IT delivery.
  • Cloud — whenever and however you choose to adopt the cloud, Dell is ready to support you. The Fluid Data architecture will include native integration to support backup, replication, tiering and bursting to the cloud.
  • Mobility — Dell storage is focused on the data behind all the multiplying mobile devices. They continue to advance their industry-leading, virtualised storage to support thin client, VDI and cloud client computing.


Compellent Enterprise Storage

Performance and protection to power business critical workloads
Designed to power your business-critical workloads, Storage Center 6.3 array software increases performance up to 100% over previous versions when running enterprise applications.1 And you can double bandwidth with the first storage array to provide end-to-end 16Gb Fibre Channel from server to switch to storage.

  • Efficiency — Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.3 is designed to boost performance while helping to lower TCO. With Storage Center 6.3 software, you can answer the demands of OLTP workloads and business critical applications with up to 2x faster storage, all without adding new hardware.
  • Flexibility — Scale with a flexible architecture that adapts to evolving technology and business growth, and allows for simplified administration for the enterprise. Storage Center 6.3 helps reduce administration for multiple users, and offers industry compatibility with the latest Microsoft Windows Server 2012 operating system.
  • Reliability — Dell Compellent offers reliable, self-optimized storage to power your enterprise. Storage Center 6.3 offers increased security for federal government with USGv6/IPv6 for a much wider range of IP addresses, and synchronous replication for improved data recovery resiliency and multi-site replication flexibility designed to reduce RTO and RPO.
DR4000 Advanced Disk-Based Backup and Disaster Recovery

Disk-based backup & recovery with de-duplication and compression
Companies of all sizes increasingly struggle with the relentless growth of data they must manage. Essential to the business yet often redundant in nature, data can strain storage and backup processes as administrators strive to ensure data availability and integrity while meeting capacity and backup window constraints.

The Dell™ DR4000 de-duplication and compression backup appliance can help you to alleviate these growing problems. By removing redundant data from the backup work stream, the DR4000 can help to drastically reduce the storage footprint, enable core backup to remain on disk and online longer, provide faster and more reliable restores, and reduce the complexity around tape management.

Enhanced disaster recovery capability is provided by the DR4000 through inline many-to-one deduplicated replication in which up to five nodes can be replicated simultaneously to one node. Replication enables better disaster tolerance without the operational costs associated with transporting data offsite on physical tape, and deduplication coupled with replication minimizes the costs and inefficiencies associated with distributed backup environments.

Simple to deploy and manage, the DR4000 offers unsurpassed Total Cost of Ownership benefits. It supports a broad range of leading backup software solutions (Symantec® Backup Exec, Symantec Netbackup, CommVault® Simpana®, AppAssure, TSM, EMC Networker, and Veeam). Its innovative firmware and an all-inclusive licensing model ensure optimal functionality and the assurance of no hidden costs for desired future features.

DX Object Storage Platform

A complete lifecycle management solution for fixed digital content
Enterprises are awash with digital data; especially unstructured data in such diverse formats as e-mail, instant messages, documents, spread-sheets, graphics, images, and videos.

Unstructured data growth poses significant challenges for IT organizations that require efficient data access for business, regulatory and compliance needs. Traditional file storage management systems (such as NAS) are proving to be costly and increasingly inadequate for managing digital storage objects. With unstructured data growth expected to continue at a compound rate, storage managers urgently need new ways to cope.

The Dell™ DX Object Storage Platform is designed to intelligently access, store, protect and distribute fixed digital content. From Web publishing to archiving, the Dell DX Object Storage Platform offers a powerful combination of data and storage management features through an elegant, self-managing, peer-scaling architecture

EqualLogic iSCSI SAN

Flexible, scalable and affordable virtualised storage for file and block-level data
Information is at the core of business value. The need for real-time data access, enterprise mobility and pervasive virtualisation, means storage growth is expected to continue to accelerate. As if managing your organisation’s data growth isn’t enough, doing it on a flat annual budget makes it even more challenging.

Simplify and consolidate your data with Dell™ EqualLogic™ virtualised storage. Its seamlessly scalable architecture and intelligent array software natively integrates with your Tier-1 application and virtual environments to help you efficiently manage data without adding complexity. Plus, iSCSI networking with EqualLogic is renowned for its simple integration and interoperability.


Affordable, versatile, and scalable storage solutions for small and medium businesses
Managing the relentless growth of data can strain IT organizations, whose strategic roles have expanded even in the face of contracting budgets. The Dell™ PowerVault™ MD3 and NX Series of storage arrays address these challenges with versatile solutions that are optimized for smaller-scale storage consolidation, flexible virtualization projects, and high business continuity.
PowerVault NX storage solutions also support structured application data and unstructured file data with equal ease. When paired with the affordable MD3-iSCSI SAN you can add high performance, flexible unified block-and-file storage capabilities to your business any time.

For organisations that require disk-based backup and archiving solutions, the PowerVault DL Series Disk Library Systems provide continuous data protection and automated snapshots; all in an appliance that is simple to install and configure.

The PowerVault TL Series Tape Automation Systems offer organizations that face both rampant data growth and strict compliance requirements advanced automation for their backup processes and a reduced need for manual intervention.


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