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Hewlett Packard.

Convergence, mobility, security and risk management


Comtec is an accredited HP Professional Storage Specialist; in 2011 we were the fastest growing HP reseller in the UK.

HP is the world’s leading provider of IT; delivering solutions for convergence, mobility, security and risk management to address a wide range
of business needs including:

  • Business process automation and optimisation
  • Compliance & risk management
  • Business continuity
  • Cost management
  • IT consolidation
  • Business expansion

The HP portfolio of enterprise servers, storage and networking products form the core components of many infrastructure projects.


HP ProLiant Servers

HP ProLiant Generation 8 servers feature embedded automation and intelligence that cut lifecycle operations tasks, facilities overhead and downtime costs. With HP ProActive Insight architecture, HP ProLiant Gen8 servers continuously monitor more than a thousand system parameters to optimize application performance and proactively decrease downtime, while providing organizations insight into every aspect of their IT infrastructure. 3x increased administrator productivity with HP Smart Update 6x performance increase for demanding workloads Delivers 70% more compute per watt 66% faster problem resolution with industry’s first comprehensive, cloud-based management and support portal

HP 3PAR Storage

HP 3PAR storage platform is designed to meet the demands of the modern datacentre. With a range of models, HP 3PAR Storage delivers the efficiency and agility required by the most demanding virtual, cloud and IT-as-a-Service environments.
Delivering 50% savings in total cost of ownership, HP 3PAR Storage is:

  • Multi-tenant and Federated—Manage unpredictable workloads and double VM density.
  • Supports huge numbers of applications, mixed workloads and customers, securely and concurrently, without performance or resiliency impact. HP Peer Motion Software provides non-disruptive data mobility between federated 3PAR systems.
  • Efficient—Reduce acquisition and operational costs by 50%
  • Allows you to reduce up-front capacity requirements, reduce technology refresh costs and eliminate stranded capacity using thin technologies. With sub-volume storage tiering, 3PAR systems allow you to reduce £/GB by up to 30%.
  • Autonomic—Save up to 90% of administrator time.
  • Simplifies, automates and expedites storage management intelligently and without administrator intervention. The system is self-managing, self-healing and self-configuring.

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HP LeftHand Storage

HP LeftHand Storage is the perfect fit for smaller environments with virtual servers and client virtualisation. Scale capacity and performance linearly and simply to grow your storage with your business.

Benefits of HP LeftHand Storage:

  • Simple and scalable
  • Manage hundreds of federated nodes as easily as one.
  • Efficient and virtual
  • Reduce overall costs with an all-inclusive enterprise storage feature set, starting with a VM-based LeftHand controller on your server and then growing into a LeftHand system.
  • Low-cost disaster recovery
  • Includes features such as: multi-site stretch clusters, seamless application high availability and federation of data across storage nodes. Delivers a SAN with no single point of failure.
HP Networking

As the worldwide leader in storage area networks products and solutions, HP Storage delivers the flexible, open, standards-based storage infrastructure solutions to enable your Adaptive Infrastructure.

HP’s comprehensive portfolio of Storage Area Network infrastructure products and solutions are designed to meet a range of storage networking needs from small and midsized businesses to the largest corporate enterprises. HP Storage Networking SAN Solutions deliver scalability, performance, and broad interoperability required for critical data and applications.

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