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Network security and storage appliance solutions


Huawei is a leading provider of network security and storage appliance solutions to enterprise customers worldwide.

The business combines Huawei’s expertise in telecoms network infrastructure, security and storage software to provide world-class solutions that address the ever-changing needs in network security and storage for enterprises.
Huawei’s products and solutions have been deployed in over 40 countries and serve more than 1,000 key customers across industries including telecoms,
finance, education, transport, energy and utilities. Huawei’s secure solutions help enterprises transform complex security issues into simple and reliable
solutions that help customers realise their full potential.

Comtec is an accredited Huawei Solutions Partner. By integrating strong business, network and service capabilities with cutting-edge storage technologies, Huawei solutions provide converged and easy-to-manage storage that help customers lower total cost of ownership and meet the joint challenges of rising storage costs and increasingly complex management systems.

Huawei Oceanspace range is a new generation of mid to high-end storage systems. It comprises a series of reliable, high-performance devices including:


Oceanspace S8100

A high-reliability, high-capacity range with comprehensive data protection and a range of value add features that make it suitable for large-scale databases and high-end computing. Features Open layered hardware architecture (OLA).

Oceanspace S6800T & S5000T

The T series storage system incorporates a number of industry-leading technologies, including TurboModule (high density and hot-swappable I/O modules) and TurboBoost, along with a number of power-saving features and is designed for large-scale databases including HPC, digital media, ISP, back-up and disaster recovery applications.

Oceanspace S6800E & S5000

Designed for the mid to high end storage market, the S6800E offers a range of features such as high density, FC and iSCSI connectivity, modular ports and multi-level data protection.

Oceanspace S2600

Designed with the SMB in mind, the S2600 offers an evolutionary storage solution that is easy to install and maintain, includes enhanced protection, scalability and energy-saving features.

Oceanspace N8000

A unified storage platform (NAS, FC, SAN, IP SAN) featuring advanced architecture, high-reliability, scalability and ease of management. Ideal for high-performance computing applications such as website hosting, file sharing, media streaming and video surveillance; the N8000 is widely used in government, education, telecommunications and broadcast industries.

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