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Desktop Virtualisation.

A more flexible IT service


Comtec works with the world’s leading providers of desktop virtualisation solutions to deliver lower TCO, greater security and improved workforce mobility and productivity.

Desktop solutions from VMware, Oracle and Citrix extend the benefits of virtualisation away from the datacentre and onto the desktop. Desktop virtualisation results in a more flexible IT service, which in turn generates a number of significant business benefits.

Removing hardware and user dependency rapidly increases both the speed and consistency of application deployment. Costs are reduced whilst service levels are improved and hardware/software conflicts are eliminated. By virtualising user profiles, businesses are able to support the increasing culture of bring-your-own-device; resulting in further cost savings and a more mobile and productive workforce.

As with infrastructure virtualisation, desktops effectively delivered as a hosted service provides high availability and fault-tolerant computing, essential for business continuity.


  • Increased mobility as users have instant access to their business critical applications and data, whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Hardware independency means users can access their desktop from any device, desktop or handheld, running any operating system.
  • Streamlined application updates reduce the risk of conflict and ensure all users are up to date.
  • Improved security as users are accessing a central database and not storing content remotely. Multi-layer user identification and authentication can restrict access to certain applications or data.
  • Standardised user experience supports workforce productivity.
  • Scalability as user profiles can be generated centrally and distributed without the need for additional capital expenditure.

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