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Hybrid Cloud.

The best of both worlds


Hybrid solutions are making the cloud more accessible and more valuable to businesses; they look set to become the architecture of choice for many businesses.

Hybrid cloud computing features the use of both public and private cloud resources. Organisations often opt for a hybrid solution when they have already invested in a significant on-premise infrastructure that they are justifiably loathe to replace; or if they have particularly sensitive data and applications they would rather keep in a private cloud.

The critical part of the hybrid model is having a robust, secure and high-performance network between the private and public cloud; so you can effectively move applications and data back and forth.

Hybrid clouds provide greater flexibility to businesses while offering the choice to maintain control over systems management and security. Hybrid clouds are often deployed by organisations willing to push part of their workload to public clouds; either for cloud-bursting purposes or for projects requiring faster implementation. There is no one-size-fits-all hybrid solution. As hybrid clouds feature elements of both on-premise and public cloud services, some additional infrastructure and security considerations come into play.

Any businesses planning to deploy Hybrid clouds will need to take into account the differences in security between the public and private networks in order to effectively mitigate risk. Once secure, a Hybrid cloud environment can help businesses transition more applications into the public cloud, providing additional cost savings.


  • Reduces capital expenditure as parts of the computing infrastructure are outsourced to public cloud providers.
  • More efficient resource allocation and lower cost for temporary projects.
  • Offers both the control available in a private cloud deployment and the ability to rapidly scale using public clouds.
  • Enables support for cloud bursting; tapping the public clouds for an unexpected need for additional resources.

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