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Tailored solutions for SMBs and the enterprise.


We apply our investment in technical and consultancy skills to design and implement solutions that are tailored to meet the individual requirements of business of all sizes, from SMB to enterprise.

Our team of consultants are experienced in the design, delivery and support of systems for all aspects of ICT:

  • IT
  • Network & Voice
  • Datacentre & Server Room
  • Cloud Migration

Our IT consultancy team are experts in solutions for core infrastructure, business continuity, server consolidation, virtualisation, security, back-up and database management.

Our network and voice consultancy team are experts in the design, implementation and optimisation of collaboration, voice and call centre solutions. We are experienced in the delivery of solutions of all shapes and sizes and understand the intricacies of remote access, workforce mobility, security and quality of service.

Our datacentre consultancy team are experts in environmental design for high-density and virtualised server environments. They adopt a unique “eco-structure” approach to datacentre design that takes into account all aspects of performance and functionality from power and cooling infrastructure to physical threat management, energy efficiency and carbon reduction to environmental management and monitoring.

Our Cloud Migration consultancy team are experts in taking aspects of your business and applications into the Cloud, be that Public, Private or Hybrid. They have advised and helped plan many customers move to cloud based applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, Hosted Exchange and Hosted Telephony for example.

The Comtec team provides access to accredited technical and consultancy expertise to complement, or reinforce, your in-house skills. Our comprehensive planning, design and project management resources are available as and when you need them and we offer a range of flexible pricing options.


  • Enable business growth with limited IT resource
  • Identify and isolate technologies that match your business needs
  • Independent validation/assessment of technology solutions
  • Reduce management and administrative overhead associated with IT
  • Lower TCO of your IT investment
  • Keep pace with the ever-changing technology environment
  • Meet sustainable business goals and reduce your carbon footprint

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