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Helping business reduce their mobile costs


At Comtec we help organisations reduce the costs of their business mobiles while closely integrating them into their core business communication infrastructure. We are able to do this because we not only understand business mobile, but we understand the business communication and UC infrastructure and are experts in voice and data connectivity.

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For our clients we are able to converge voice, data and mobile into a single service, providing them with one trusted partner, single billing and most importantly, a single point for support. We help our clients reduce mobile costs while making mobility an integral part of their business communications. We do this by:

Best Fit Mobile Tariffs
We take the time to understand your business and the usage of business mobiles; we then align the most appropriate tariff for your users, increasing flexibility while, in many cases, significantly reducing costs.

Leverage On-Network Connectivity
One of the highest costs of business mobiles are calls to and from the office. At Comtec we are able to reduce this by leveraging on-network connectivity. As part of our voice and data connectivity network we have gateways into the mobile network; this means that organisations utilising our connectivity services for voice gain the benefit of being able to make calls to and from mobiles, effectively on-network, and as such at lower or in some cases, at no cost.

Mobility & BYOD
With increasing use of smartphones and tablet PCs we are helping organisations to make these an integral part of their UC infrastructure, utilising mobile applications such as Cisco Jabber and Avaya one-X Mobile to enable the mobile device to become an end-point on your business communication platform. We are also enabling organisations to embrace BYOD with connectivity and security solutions.


  • Reduce business mobile costs
  • Greater control of holistic communications expense
  • Increase productivity through a single integrated communications platform
  • Greater agility and effectiveness through BYOD


  • Unified Service for Voice, Data and Mobile
  • Business Mobile Connectivity
  • Mobile Integration into UC
  • Support for BYOD


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