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Cloud-Based Telephony.

Hosted and managed IP Telephony solutions


At Comtec we help organisations gain significant advantage from utilising next generation, cloud-based telephony services. We have combined many years of experience of delivering premise-based business communication solutions with our expertise in datacentre and connectivity to offer our clients a comprehensive range of fully hosted and managed IP Telephony, UC and Contact Centre services.

Single Site Cloud-Based Telephony
For organisations that do not wish to make the investment in a premise-based PBX and do not have the resources to manage such a system, we provide a fully hosted and managed IP Telephony solution. Hosted in the cloud, telephony is delivered directly to each of your users, providing you with the latest PBX and UC capabilities as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go service.

Multi-Site Cloud-Based Telephony
For organisations with multiple sites, cloud-based telephony provides you with the advantage of a single virtualised communications infrastructure to any user in any location. This not only removes the cost of calls between locations, it also provides far greater agility in the way you manage and route calls into your business.

Cloud-Based Contact Centre
For organisations that have predominantly telephone-based staff, our cloud-based contact centre service enables you to cost-effectively provide them with large contact centre capability. This not only enables you to significantly increase the productivity of these employees, it also enables you to provide a highly professional and responsive experience to your customers.

Virtualised Business Communications
For mid to large enterprises with multiple sites and remote workers, we are able to help you virtualise your business communication infrastructure creating a solution that over time enables you to migrate premise-based solutions into the cloud. This hybrid approach enables you to leverage equipment you already have in place while creating a single virtual communication environment, gaining all of the benefits of a cloud-based service.


  • Improve productivity and collaboration through next-generation business communications
  • Improve customer service quality and effectiveness through leveraging contact centre-specific capability
  • Control and manage costs through an on-demand, pay-as-you-go telephony service


  • Hosted IP Telephony
  • Cloud-based Communication Virtualisation
  • Hosted Contact Centre


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