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Contact Centre.

Improving Contact Centre performance


At Comtec we help organisations to improve the performance of their contact centres, increasing agent productivity and improving the customer experience. We achieve this by providing our customers with the leading contact centre technology platforms that equips and empowers agents, supervisors and managers to deliver a far more efficient and effective service.

As a partner of Avaya and Cisco, we are able to provide the solution that best meets the needs of your contact centre and more importantly, your customers – and then deliver this as either a premise-based solution, or as a fully hosted and managed pay-as-you-go service.

Inbound Call Management
Ability to receive, queue and intelligently route voice-based calls to the most appropriate agent to deal with the customer’s call.

Automated Outbound
Ranging from simple click-to- call capability, through to fully integrated predictive dialling solutions.

Multi-Media Blending
Enabling your contact centre to interact with customers in the way they want to interact with you embracing voice, email, SMS, webchat and even video.

Leveraging both Interactive Voice Response and Web-based self-service applications to deliver more services to your customers 24×7.

Social Media
Proactively engaging with customers through the world of social media and making this an integral part of your contact centre.

Agent Performance Monitoring
Utilising interaction recording to monitor and evaluate both service quality and agent performance to continually improve customer experience.


  • Increased agent productivity through the right tools for the job
  • Greater management visibility and control through performance monitoring
  • Improved customer experience through a consistent service across all media types


  • Premise-based or Hosted Applications
  • Inbound and Automated Outbound
  • Voice to Blended Multi-Media Contact
  • Integrated Social Media
  • Agent Performance Monitoring & Management


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