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Take advantage of the Comtec SIP 14-day trial

As BT plans to switch off ISDN, many businesses like yours have already managed the transition over to SIP connections instead.

Take advantage of the Comtec SIP 14-day trial to test drive the benefits of a unique service.

Comtec is one of only a few UK based SIP providers able to deliver a complete end-to-end solution, ensuring guaranteed quality of service when we provide both the telephony and connectivity service.

  • SIP line rental costs are up to 50-60% cheaper than ISDN.
  • SIP call costs are up to 30% cheaper than ISDN.
  • SIP-based solutions are inherently more flexible, scalable and resilient than ISDN.
  • Capacity can be increased and decreased easily as and when required, unlike ISDN.
  • Faults on ISDN lines often mean long delays while infrastructure is repaired. With SIP-based telephony, resilience is built into the system so that voice traffic is instantly rerouted to an alternative line, or calls redirected to different locations – even mobile.

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