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MeetMe Ad-hoc Conferencing.

Engage with colleagues, customers, anyone


BT MeetMe, our reservation less audio conferencing service, provides you with a simple yet highly effective way to engage with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners or any other ‘virtual’ team via your very own personal meeting room, whenever you want. Use it anytime you want to hold ad-hoc or scheduled conferences for small groups of people.

Why choose MeetMe?

It makes meetings easy. It’s instant. And anyone can join in at any time. In short, you get more done with less travel. MeetMe also allows you to build a unique conferencing experience by adding various new innovative collaboration tools, as your business grows. And, should you need assistance during a conference, you’ll always be supported by one of our dedicated conferencing specialists.

MeetMe overview
Simple to use, just send out your invitation with dial-in numbers and participant passcode to the people who need to join your call.

  • Available on demand, for meetings with up to 40 participants.
  • Global access numbers are available in over 50 countries throughout the world. These numbers gives your participants the convenience of dialling into the conference call using international toll free, domestic toll free or local dial-in numbers avoiding international long distance charges.
  • Dedicated support available 24/7/365.
  • Pay as you go – no opening fees or subscription fees.


  • Intuitive interfaces which are easy to install and use.
  • Simplified access and call set up, so you can start your calls on time.
  • Fast join a conference at the click of a button.
  • Call start alert, a great security feature – see who has just joined, or who is missing.
  • Dial-out – multiple ways for you to dial-out, avoiding the need for passcodes.*

*Dial-out is a chargeable feature and is subject to availability in some regions.


Desktop applications

  • Go straight from an IM to a high quality audio conference with MeetMe Connect. Works with Microsoft Office Communicator.*
  • Launch an ad hoc audio conference using Microsoft’s Lync Online productivity tool. MeetMe for Microsoft Lync Online provides integrated audio conferencing via fixed line or mobile phone for Lync Online meetings.*
  • Make scheduling your conference calls easier by downloading the MeetMe Add-in for Outlook, which automatically inserts your dial-in details, including Global Access numbers, into your Outlook meeting invitation.
  • MeetMe Desktop Controller is a web based console that allows you to monitor and control your conference. It can be launched from your Internet browser, Outlook toolbar or via a “Call Start Alert” feature pop-up.

Mobile applications

  • Use MeetMe Mobile Controller to manage and control your calls from your Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android smartphone.

Record your conference call

  • Record your conference call and access it instantly over the web. And if it’s an important meeting you can archive it so you’ve got a record. Standard recording charges apply.

Collaboration across media

  • Our various collaboration tools can be integrated, making your business meetings more effective and more productive.
  • By using web or video conferencing using the integrated Cisco WebEx, you can enhance your MeetMe call and share information seamlessly at the same time.

Please note that web & video conferencing via Cisco WebEx is a chargeable feature. Video hardware/equipment is required to enable video conference.


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