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Premium Event Conferencing.

More effective conferencing


BT Premium Event is an operator-assisted conference call service, designed to get your message out to a broad or specific audience at a predetermined date and time. With Premium Event, you benefit from the services of an expert Event Management team to help you before, during and after the conference to ensure everything runs smoothly.

A Premium Event conference will also provide you with greater control and effectiveness through wide-ranging features, from Q&A sessions, conference recordings and call transcriptions to free SMS Text Reminders to alert your participants of upcoming Premium Event calls that they have pre-registered for.

Popular uses for Premium Event

  • Investor and analyst relations
  • Product launches
  • Training courses
  • Sales kick off meetings
  • Internal announcements
  • Global financial reviews


Speed and quality of communication is vital to your organisation in today’s competitive environment. Whether it is an announcement of financial results to shareholders and investors, launching a product or keeping staff informed, how you communicate makes a difference. Premium Event can help you to:

  • Communicate quickly and easily to a large group, at the same time, ensuring that everyone receives the same consistent message.
  • Develop stronger relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers by keeping them abreast of company announcements.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel and venue costs by communicating directly with your audience, no matter where in the world they are.
  • Increase productivity and enable faster decision-making by reaching a wide audience and gaining instant feedback.
  • Ensure professionally delivered communications with the planning, support and guidance of the BT Conferencing Event Management team.
  • Host your meetings confidently and reduce your administrative burden by allowing an Event Manager to look after all the technical and administrative aspects of your meetings so you can focus on delivering your message.


  • Dedicated Event Manager, who is experienced in helping you manage your conference from the planning stages through to delivery, at no additional charge.
  • Vantage Point, an easy-to-use web interface providing you with a private, real-time view of your Premium Event call as it happens. It enables you to view the participants on your Premium Event call, prioritise the Q&A queue, and chat directly with your Event Manager.
  • Pre-registration, allows you to track conference registration and attendance. You have the option to collect additional information about individuals who register for your conference, helping you to plan your message and the number of lines required.
  • SMS Text Reminder, allows your participants to include their mobile details when they pre-register online and receive a free SMS Text Reminder for the upcoming Premium Event call that they have pre-registered for.
  • Guaranteed availability of lines, by pre-booking the conference call you can guarantee the correct number of lines are available for participants to dial in.
  • Unique passcodes, for each conference to ensure secure access for the Chairperson and Participants.
  • Easy to use, all you need is a phone, landline or mobile.
  • Private communication line, between you and your dedicated Event Manager providing assistance and support throughout the meeting.
  • Web presentation capabilities, add a visual element, by integrating the call with web collaboration tools allowing you to share documents and presentations.


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