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Voice & Data Connectivity.

Reduce the cost of voice and data


At Comtec we help organisations to reduce the cost of voice and data connectivity while significantly improving business agility. We achieve this by leveraging the investment we have made in creating a highly secure and reliable voice and data network that, with multiple points-of-presence, is capable of delivering any type and level of service to any location.

This enables organisations to converge their voice and data connectivity, gaining the advantage of economies of scale, benefiting from inherent redundancy and achieving far greater levels of flexibility.

Voice Services
As well as the traditional range of Analogue ISDN2 and ISDN30 services, Comtec also provides a comprehensive range of VoIP services based on SIP. Not only do these services offer far more attractive line rental and call charges, they also offer significantly more flexibility over the non-IP services. For example, DDI ranges can be split over multiple locations, geographic numbers can be routed and terminated into any location and many inter-network calls can be delivered effectively on-Net and as such, at no call charge. And what is more, even if you are using TDM-based office telephony, you are able to take advantage of our VoIP services through a Comtec provided adapter.

Data Services
Through the Comtec voice and data network a full range of data connectivity services can be provided including DSL, Fibre, MPLS and VPLS. Through our investment in creating a highly-reliable, secure and low-latency infrastructure we are able to deliver these data connectivity services to any location at the service level that you require. A key part of our data network is our Data-centers which provide our clients with the ability to create their own virtual cloud of applications and storage on-network.


  • A reduction in connectivity costs for both connectivity and usage
  • Reduced business risk through inherent increased reliability of services
  • Greater business agility through the flexibility provided by convergence and SIP-based services
  • Greater control of costs through single billing and analysis
  • Reduced costs through on-network connectivity


  • Fully Converged Network Connectivity
  • Traditional & SIP-based Voice Services
  • Full Range of Data Connectivity
  • Intelligent and Managed Voice & Data Services


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