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Datacentre and Server Rooms.

Design, build, maintenance and management of your datacentre


Comtec specialises in the design, build, maintenance and on-going management of your datacentre and server rooms.

Our service encompasses new builds as well as the refurbishment and upgrade of live facilities.

Our goal is to create efficient, technically excellent facilities that are scalable to meet the power and cooling demands of latest generation IT equipment.

We are an experienced systems integrator with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the IT industry. We are perfectly positioned to deliver highly resilient solutions for high-density IT deployments and our on-going maintenance and management services help to reduce the threat of systems downtime, mitigate the risk of thermal shutdown and keep facilities operating optimally.

Comtec manages systems growth efficiently; so strategies such as server consolidation, virtualisation and high-density computing can flourish and benefit your organisation, regardless of energy, space and resource constraints.

We are able to help organisations anticipate and respond to the high demands placed upon network-critical physical infrastructure, ensuring energy and cost efficient IT delivery with the maximum availability of information.

As a long-standing datacentre specialist and APC by Schneider Electric Elite Partner, we provide intelligent eco-structures and services that address a range of strategic IT and business objectives.

Our solutions provide high-availability power, cooling, management and monitoring to meet service level agreements and guaranteed uptime requirements for all types of organisations, large or small.


  • Efficient on-demand data centres, server rooms and communications rooms
  • Modular and scalable network critical physical infrastructure
  • Right sized power and cooling for virtualisation and High density environments
  • Efficient, reliable power and cooling
  • Comprehensive monitoring and management tools
  • Consultancy, assessment, design and build services
  • Remote management capabilities via Comtec’s 24/7 NOC
  • Data centre, server room and communications room relocation services
  • Reduce the threat of downtime and keep your facilities operating optimally
  • Anticipate and respond to the demands placed upon network-critical physical infrastructure
  • Constant visibility, vigilance and intervention to protect IT investments
  • Increase power and cooling capacity with a smaller footprint
  • Minimise energy costs and meet Carbon Reduction Commitments (CRC)
  • Turn any room into a world-class datacentre or extend the life of an existing facility
  • Next generation WAN connectivity utilising the infrastructure of BT’s 21st century network



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