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Battery Replacement.

Effective datacentre battery management


Unexpected battery failures account for a high proportion of unplanned datacentre outages. UPS batteries over five years old are much more likely to fail and poorly maintained battery environments can have a dramatic effect on the battery’s operational life. Should the mains fail your business continuity could be adversely affected, threatening both your profitability and your reputation.
Strict WEEE regulations govern the replacement and disposal of UPS batteries. Comtec is licensed to undertake battery removal and disposal in accordance with current environmental legislation; our engineers are specially trained in the handling of environmentally unfriendly materials.

Comtec UPS Battery Services
Comtec offers a comprehensive range of tests, along with routine maintenance, to ensure that your battery installations, old or new, are properly spec’d and performing well. We can also detect any failing cells like are likely to cause disruption to your power supply.

UPS Battery Discharge Testing
In order to comply with quality management standards such as ISO9000, businesses need to prove that their UPS batteries are performing correctly. Comtec engineers perform stringent tests to produce the required documentation. By executing tests using a controlled constant current discharge, the health of each battery can be discerned as well as its ability to perform to specification and the life expectancy of each cell.

UPS Battery Impedance Testing
Internal impedance within a battery increases with age and can restrict its flow of energy, increasing the risk of failure. Comtec engineers are trained in advanced impedance testing to measure internal resistance and provide meaningful data on corrosion levels or other defects. Our fast and reliable tests are invaluable in monitoring battery performance, helping to minimise the risk of failure and improve the reliability of your data centre.


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