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Maximum efficiency for your datacentre


As IT strategies evolve and business demands change, the needs of your datacentre, server room and communications hub environments become increasingly critical.
Here at Comtec we focus on delivering solutions that are both flexible and scalable; solutions that allow for the efficient and effective management of your evolving needs so your business can benefit from strategies such as virtualisation and high-density computing; regardless of space, energy or resource constraints.

When it comes to designing a datacentre or server room, Comtec adopts a unique ‘eco-structure’ approach that produces maximum efficiency in terms of space, energy use, carbon emissions and maintenance. By investing in integrated infrastructure for power and backup, cooling, security, physical threat protection, monitoring, management and next generation connectivity, our datacentre solutions deliver unrivalled performance and availability for your IT and communications assets.

Efficiency is at the heart of the design process. Close attention is paid to the design and management of power and cooling elements to maximise cost savings and ensure that physical infrastructure is flexible enough to adapt to changes in demand whilst maintaining a healthy host environment. Sustainability is often a key consideration so our solutions can incorporate heat reclamation from the datacentre for re-use in your office heating system. Comtec’s turnkey solutions incorporate datacentre flooring, walls, access, physical security, UPS power protection and distribution, cooling, lighting, IT equipment cabinets and datacentre management software.

Room Operation and Functionality
Comtec consultants and designers adopt a holistic approach to datacentre design that takes into consideration the entire scope of room operation and functionality. From physical access and fire prevention, to the assurance of capacity and efficient operations, we make sure that the room works on a practical level as well as a technical level. Years of experience have taught us all about the coordination of high and low level services, floor and ceiling grid set-off points, reflected lighting plans and cabinet positions. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Project Management and Quality Assurance
Once the environment has been designed, we produce detailed CAD drawings for incorporation into your main architectural plans. If appointed as primary contractor, we’ll also liaise with the local authorities for planning permissions and building regulations, including the fire officer and district surveyor. Throughout the process, we maintain a proactive approach to project management and quality assurance, from concept to construction.


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