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Energy Efficiency.

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Undertaking an objective evaluation of your datacentre can provide you with the information necessary to optimise your facility’s performance, to extend the life of your hardware and to ensure the highest levels of availability for your network services and applications.

Finding the time and resources to make this assessment is never an easy task for busy datacentre professionals. Outsourcing to Comtec could be the answer.

EnergySTEP 1 Datacentre Assessment
Get the Global Experts in Energy Management behind your cost savings programme.

Energy is the largest data centre operating expense, consuming as much as 30% of your budget. With a little help from Comtec, you could get control of your energy costs and start to make significant and sustainable savings.

Take a small step to energy savings
The EnergySTEP programme by Schneider Electric is a simple, scalable and cost-effective approach to realise short-term savings as well as long-term efficiencies through better energy management. Its proven methodology and structured process is carried out by a trained professional who can help you to balance energy efficiency and optimal datacentre performance.

Take a big stride to sustainable energy management
EnergySTEP 1 targets areas of inefficiency, uncovering opportunities for improvement that can be implemented straight away. Sometimes simple measures could help you reduce your facility PUE by as much as 20%. What’s more, EnergySTEP 1 includes recommendations that can also help better protect against system downtime.

Take the first step
EnergySTEP 1 is an entry level, onsite assessment of your datacentre IT space, infrastructure, systems and components. Performed by a trained energy expert, it’s the perfect solution to help you pick the “low hanging fruit” with the fastest and easiest energy savings potential.

EnergySTEP 1 includes a visual inspection of the datacentre, an analysis of the power protection systems (UPS and Batteries), cooling supply and airflow distribution. We’ll provide a customised report with recommendations to help you improve the efficiency of your datacentre, which you can discuss with an Energy Management Specialist in a follow-up meeting.


  • Optimise power and cooling systems
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve efficiency
  • Identify hot spots
  • Improve system availability


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