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Monitoring & Management.

Effective control of your datacentre environment


Organisations that are juggling the complexities of systems availability, server consolidation, virtualisation and energy management are increasingly looking to intelligent, proactive datacentre infrastructure management solutions (DCIM) to provide real-time monitoring and asset management.

The effective control of a datacentre environment is a dynamic, 24/7 process with a comprehensive monitoring and management regime built upon advanced sensor, alarm and intelligence systems. This safety net, essential for virtualised or high-density environments, allows IT departments to innovate with relative impunity and maintain uptime in the face of physical threats and rapidly evolving environmental conditions.

Comtec not only provide the latest management and monitoring technologies, but can also undertake the on-going execution of management and monitoring processes from our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC).

As well as safeguarded network uptime, Comtec’s flexible yet comprehensive approach to data centre or server room monitoring and management assists capacity planning and identifies valuable opportunities for improved technical configurations, working practices and cost/energy efficiencies.


  • Power distribution
  • Physical threats
  • Capacity management
  • Remote management capabilities
  • Support and maintenance


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