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Virtualisation & Consolidation.

Maximum value and productivity


The pressure on today’s datacentre managers to squeeze maximum value and productivity from white space is driving IT strategies for which the datacentre was never designed. Environments optimised for high-density and virtualised IT systems require both appropriate management software and a flexible architecture for physical infrastructure.

Virtualisation creates a landscape of change in the server room that presents new challenges to the power and cooling infrastructure; with implications to both effectiveness and efficiency. Applying an intelligent, efficient and comprehensively ‘right-sized’ approach to the design and implementation of datacentre cooling is crucial in order to proactively avoid and manage availability risks.

Here at Comtec we are ideally placed to meet these needs. We are widely recognised as a leading exponent of solutions that capitalise on the latest technology innovations from industry leaders such as APC Infrastruxure and StruxtureWare for Data Centers from Schneider Electric. As well as safeguarding network availability, we translate our expertise into direct business benefits such as greater energy efficiency, enhanced cost savings and a platform for addressing carbon reduction targets.

Optimised power and cooling, post server consolidation and virtualisation, can save up to 50% on your server room energy bill and significantly reduce your carbon footprint whilst assuring systems availability.


  • Modular, scalable network-critical physical infrastructure
  • Right-sized power and cooling for virtualisation and high-density environments
  • Fully monitored and managed hot aisle containment (HACS)
  • Row based cooling – direct to hot components, rather than cooling the entire room with air conditioning units
  • Automated intelligence and modelling to monitor power, cooling, and physical space capacities at the room, row, rack, and server level


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