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HP Converged Storage.

Virtualisation, cloud and exponential data growth


It’s not how much storage you have. It’s how much you can do with it.
Virtualisation, cloud and exponential data growth are driving unpredictable capacity and workload demands. Don’t let legacy storage hold back your virtual, cloud and big data initiatives.

Virtually everything in your business and your datacentre comes down to information: how to serve information to your applications and users, how to secure information and reduce risk and how to extract more value from information so you are more competitive. HP Converged Storage, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, responds to any demand, reclaims resources and speeds deployment. It’s designed for the next era of IT.

HP Converged Storage is built for virtualisation, cloud and content intensive environments. Take advantage of storage agility with scale-out, federation and tiered technologies Reduce resource drain with thin storage and de-duplication Deliver applications instantly through orchestrated storage, hypervisors and high availability Within the portfolio, HP is developing polymorphic designs, capable of conforming to any need, at any scale, across information serving, protection, retention and analytics.

Achieve higher ROI3 with HP Converged Storage

  • Return on Information: More value for better decisions
  • Return on Infrastructure: Lower costs and boost agility
  • Return on Individuals: Save time and reduce complexity

HP Converged Storage uses modern storage architectures built on:

  • Standardized platforms that use common, modular, x86-based hardware to lower cost and simplify datacentre operational processes.
  • Federated, scale-out software to give you virtualised storage that supports non-disruptive growth and data mobility.
  • Converged management that automates IT and accelerates application delivery from client to cloud.

With HP Converged Storage, you can:

  • Deploy highly available and scalable storage on the same infrastructure that powers your business applications.
  • Non-disruptively scale performance and capacity for any data type (block, object or file), workload, or capacity point.
  • Benefit from a rich set of data services to enhance availability, performance, and utilization.


HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage

The only primary storage architecture you’ll ever need
HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage is a family of modern storage systems with Tier 1 models suitable for medium sized business applications up to enterprise class cloud datacentres.
Which 3PAR StoreServ option is right for you?
Tier 1, mission-critical solution with the highest performance and scalability, supporting cloud and IT as a Service environments.

HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000

Bulletproof and effortless storage solution with enterprise class features at a midrange price, designed for the virtualized datacentre

HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000

Bulletproof Tier 1 storage at a mid-range price
Have budget constraints forced you to settle for midrange storage with compromised performance and scalability? Is managing your storage taking up more and more time while delivering diminishing returns?

The world’s most advanced storage platform has extended its mid-range offerings, delivering effortless, efficient, bulletproof, and future-proof storage to the entire midrange. HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage delivers the same industry-leading architecture chosen by eight out of 10 of the world’s largest service providers at a price that makes compromises a thing of the past. It’s also the only platform that offers the performance required to double virtual machine (VM) density on your physical servers.

Store all of your data on a single system that supports advanced features, such as storage federation and automated tiering, and that enables you to start small and grow without disruption. Make storage effortless.

Value & Capabilities

Grow with freedom in any direction:

  • One architecture and a single stack from mid-range to high end
  • Meet block, file, and even object storage needs as they arise
  • Ease data migration with storage federation software
  • Affordable entry pricing and non-disruptive scalability

Delivers enterprise features and resiliency at a price you can afford:

  • Automated DR configuration protects your data with one step
  • Mixed workload support increases consolidation opportunities
  • Persistent technologies deliver high availability and Tier 1 resiliency
  • Snapshots for online recovery
  • Storage federation for data mobility, including load balancing and painless data migration
  • Industry-leading thin technologies cut capacity requirements in half
  • Automated sub-volume tiering optimises service levels and reduces costs

Simple to install, own, and upgrade:

  • New software suites simplify purchasing and lower costs
  • SmartStart and Rapid Provisioning get you up and running in minutes
  • Reconfigurable in just seconds without disruption
  • Shares a single, simple management console with all 3PAR arrays
  • Self-diagnostic and “phone home” capabilities automate support
  • Online Import makes upgrading from EVA effortless


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