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Virtualisation & Management.

Costs savings whist increasing the flexibility, scalability and availability


Virtualising your IT infrastructure generates significant costs savings whist increasing the flexibility, scalability and availability of your business-critical applications and data.

Modern IT departments face a number of challenges such as how to deploy new services faster, with less effort; how to make applications and data more accessible to users; how to keep up to date with the latest systems security and how to improve reliability and performance. All whilst driving down the capital and operational costs associated with managing an IT estate.

Organisations are looking at ways to cut costs, better utilise assets and reduce implementation and management time and complexity. Virtualisation addresses all of these concerns.


Comtec infrastructure virtualisation solutions leverage class-leading server, storage, networking and security technologies from tier one vendors such as VMware, Oracle, Citrix, Cisco and HP. A virtualised environment allows you to benefit from reduced hardware costs through server consolidation; creating a more efficient datacentre, whether hosted or on-premise. Virtualisation also reduces operating costs as time to market for applications is reduced, time-consuming process can become automated and server downtime is minimised.


  • Lower total cost of ownership (reduce CapEx by up to 60% and energy costs by up to 80%)
  • Faster, more efficient deployment of applications and systems upgrades
  • Greater resilience through improved disaster recovery
  • Greater workforce mobility and productivity
  • Improved security and compliance


  • Enterprise-class server management & consolidation
  • Virtualisation solutions from the desktop to the datacentre
  • Rapid application deployment
  • High availability, scalable access to critical data and applications
  • Simplified, more efficient infrastructure

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