Unblock the wifi bottleneck !

Unblock the Wi-Fi Bottleneck
By Phil Reed – Comtec

With the dramatic growth of smartphones and tablets and the move to laptop from desktop in the office the strain on Wi-Fi networks has shown to be a new bottleneck. To support multiple devices in an area and provide decent throughput has become a major challenge for organisations.
Users are now able to access many forms of media including HD video to their IPad’s and tablets, ensuring a smooth streaming experience to multiple clients is a strain on the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Comtec would like to make you aware of some recent product introductions into the market utilising the latest ratified Wi-Fi protocol based on the 802.11ac standard helps to overcome these issues.

WAVE 1 – Available now
Products are now available from the leading networking manufacturers such as Cisco and Aruba Networks that provide three times the maximum data rate of current high-end enterprise 802.11n access points. They use the spacious 5GHz band which is much less congested space than 2.4GHz that is used for the current standard. Using 80Mhz Channels – double the channel bandwidth (the size of the pipe to transmit data) to of current standards. The wider channels allow faster transmission and increase the aggregate performance in high density multi-client environments.
The fastest current 802.11n Wi-Fi connections max out at around 150Mbps with one antenna, 300Mbps with two and 450Mbps with three antennas. The new 802.11ac devices are roughly three times faster – so that’s 450Mbps, 900Mbps and 1.3Gbps respectively.
Wi-Fi is omnidirectional, but 802.11ac routers and access points are able to use directional transmission and reception technology called “beamforming”. This is achieved by the router being able to identify the rough location of the device it is talking to and then strengthen the appropriate antenna accordingly to “aim” the radio energy. This reduces interference in the signal.
You won’t need to throw out all your old wireless capable kit as 802.11ac routers are backward compatible with previous standards 802.11a, b, g & n at using either a second radio or dual band radio at 2.4GHz.
Other benefits include better client battery life and a longer range to extend the reach of the routers around your offices and buildings.
The technology allows applications and uses which were not practical with previous generatins of Wi-Fi such as HD Video streaming and collaborative classrooms.

WAVE 2 – coming very shortly in 2015
The next versions of products supporting this standard are going to be able to support 160Mhz Channels and therefore double further the maximum throughput to 2.34Gbps.
Please contact Comtec sales staff to see how using this technology can help your business operate effectively.