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Panda Data Control - Real-time security, visibility and control over personal data. Simplify GDPR compliance.

May 2018 saw the coming into force of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This
new regulation, aimed at improving data protection and treatment, will force all organizations without exception to
strengthen the security of the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) they store and/or process, especially data held,
used or transmitted on employees’ and collaborators’ devices.

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Companies are forced to strengthen or adopt new measures to protect personal or sensitive data for the organization. The most important factors that motivate this transformation are:
• Exponential increase in exfiltration cases. The number of cases where poorly managed and secured data is exfiltrated from computing systems is increasing every day. Often the affected organization is not even aware that this is happening.
These data thefts are usually due to external attacks, malicious insiders driven by lucrative objectives or revenge, or simply negligence.

• Proliferation of unstructured data. Unstructured data held on servers as well as on employees’  and collaborators’ (partners, consultants, etc.) devices and laptops makes up roughly 80 percent of all business-related data. And just as the volume of unstructured data doubles every year, so does the risk posed to businesses¹.

• Regulatory compliance with laws such as the GDPR whose violation can lead to ‘dissuasive’ fines of up to 20 million euros or 4 percent of a company’s global turnover, whichever is greater. Not to mention the reputational damage caused by a data leak, and its effects on the confidence of
employees as well as current and potential customers.


Data Control is a data security module fully integrated into the Panda Adaptive Defense platform. Data Control is designed to assist organizations in complying with data protection regulations, as well as discovering
and protecting personal and sensitive data, both in real time and throughout its lifecycle on endpoints and servers.
Panda Data Control discovers, audits and monitors unstructured* personal data on endpoints and servers: from data at rest to data in use and data in motion.

*Unstructured data refers to data that does not reside in a database or any other data structure. Unstructured data can be textual or non-textual. Panda Data Control focuses on the textual unstructured data held on endpoints and servers




Organizations protected by Panda Adaptive Defense can rest assured that their endpoints and servers won’t be compromised by malicious programs coming from external sources, and therefore won’t fall victim to external data exfiltration attacks.

Panda Adaptive Defense’s classification service categorizes 100 percent of all applications running on the protected endpoints and servers, returning averdict on their trustability or malicious nature, using machine learning techniques supervised by Panda Security’s malware specialists. This system ensures that only those applications classified as goodware are allowed to run.

The Data Control module leverages the solution’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities to continuously monitor the protected endpoints in the organization, discovering and tracking the unstructured personal data held and transmitted across the network.

Finally, the Data Control alerts and reports can be customized and adapted to the specific needs of each company.


Strong data governance allows organizations to answer any questions related to the personal and sensitive data handled by employees: What data is held on employees’ endpoints? Who accesses that data and what actions are taken on it? Are those actions aligned with your corporate policies?

Ensuring data governance is a continuous improvement process, and Panda Data Control provides the necessary tools to increase efficiency and reduce costs at every stage of that process:

Discover and understand the unstructured personal and sensitive data stored across your network. Data Control allows tagging, grouping and classifying this data according to its criticality.

Establish security and access policies to control data access and use by ‘authorized users’.

Educate your employees and company collaborators in order to ensure that they handle data in accordance with external regulations and internal policies.

Monitor and Demonstrate. Use Panda Data Control’s dashboard, reports and custom and predefined alerts to demonstrate data governance and compliance to the rest of the organization.

Analyze causes of any personal data breach and adjust corporate policies: Panda Data Control lets you establish the sequence of actions performed by an external attacker or an insider in a breach of personal or sensitive information. This analysis allows organizations to identify and apply improvements to the data access policies in place in a continuous improvement process, as well as to provide the information required by regulations in the event of a security incident.


Data Discovery:

Creates an indexed inventory of all files that store unstructured personal data (data at rest), with the number of occurrences of each type of data. It classifies all information automatically.

The classification process uses a combination of rules, regular expressions, and machine learning techniques, among others, optimizing classification results while reducing false positives and resource consumption on devices.

Data Monitoring:

Monitors the various types of operations performed on unstructured files (data in use), while keeping the personal data file inventory fully up to date. Any attempt to copy or move any of these files out ofthe network via, email, Web browsers, FTP or removable storage (data in motion) is recorded by the module.

Data Visualization:

The results of the data monitoring and discovery tasks are continuously synced on the Adaptive Defense platform and in its module Advanced Visualization Tool. This module provides tools for investigating all events affecting data at rest, in use and in motion, both in real time and retrospectively throughout its lifecycle on devices.

Data Control’s dashboards and predefined reports and alerts help to cover use cases and ensure security governance of the unstructured personal data held on the organization’s protected devices.


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