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Instantly run your systems in our cloud when they go down due to hardware failure or natural disaster.


Direct-to-cloud backup and recovery solution for mobile, laptops or remote office


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Infrascale is an enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution that provides rapid, affordable, failover to a second site with the flexibility to boot from the appliance or cloud.


Push-button Failover – CloudBoot

We like to keep things simple. And that includes your disaster recovery. CloudBoot brings your business back to life in minutes with less hardware, complexity, and testing costs. With a push of a button, CloudBoot allows you to failover from a single virtual machine (VM), server, application, as well as whole network or site failure. This fast failover applies to both physical and virtual environments. CloudBoot is non-disruptive to your existing environment with support for VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors, and Windows and Linux physical servers. While CloudBoot is perfectly suited for any disaster, it is ideal for site-wide disasters that render local appliances inoperable.

Push-button Failover – ApplianceBoot

Providing the ability to boot systems right on the appliance, ApplianceBoot brings your business back to life in seconds from micro-disasters such as server and application crashes as well as macro-disaster like whole server, network and storage outages. When there is a disaster you can’t wait for all your VMs to failover. With ApplianceBoot you can failover multiple VMs concurrently in minutes. This applies to both physical and virtual environments making it non-disruptive to your existing infrastructure. Coupled with a second offsite appliance, ApplianceBoot can deliver peace of mind for site-wide disasters too

Cloud Spillover

With traditional backup appliances, you are limited by the storage capacity of the box. With Infrascale’s appliances, you can intelligently spillover to the cloud without having to worry about storage limits. All data is replicated to the cloud and automatically removed locally (based on custom policies), so that the local appliance serves more like a cloud gateway or intelligent cache than a purpose-built backup appliance.


Infiniscale is the concatenation of two words: “infinity” and “scale” and is the cornerstone technology that underpins our AnyCloud functionality.  With most storage architectures, you have to invest in new technologies, servers, and storage capacity when you reach specific thresh holds which can be exceedingly expensive and time-consuming. With Infiniscale, we seamlessly scale out capacity both in terms of the number of sources (i.e., the servers and laptops you want to protect) and in the backend capacity of your designated targets (e.g., storage clusters, backup appliances, private clouds, etc.).  Infiniscale lets you add an infinite number of targets and storage capacity without incurring the traditional spikes in the underlying architecture.


Don’t get locked into your vendor’s cloud. We let our customers choose their cloud target. With Infrascale, you can easily replicate your data and applications to Infrascale’s cloud, a private cloud, or popular third-party clouds such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Azure. Infrascale’s AnyCloud flexibility is made possible by Infiniscale, the orchestration layer that seamlessly routes traffic to specified targets (e.g., secondary appliances, backup clusters, or private clouds).

Hybrid Cloud

Infrascale utilizes hybrid cloud technology to improve redundancy and allow users greater protection of their systems and data. Hybrid Cloud continuity is simple in concept yet robust in feature set; it leverages the advantages of local backup and the security of the cloud.

It starts with workstations and servers protecting data locally across the Local Area Network (LAN) to the Cloud Failover Appliance or Data Protection Appliance. From there it is automatically transmitted to your cloud, our cloud, or any cloud. The local Infrascale device can act as a restore hub for everything from files to application and system fail over, it can also act as a staging environment for offsite transfer. Scheduling off-site data transfers can be critical for bandwidth management and carries no risk of having unsaved backups. In addition, should the local device be compromised data that was transferred to the Cloud can act as a replica site for the business. A local only backup option cannot ensure data integrity should a site wide disaster occur.

Synthetic Full Backups

Infrascale pioneered a smarter backup process with synthetic full backups. Making a full backup of your entire system takes time. That’s why Infrascale doesn’t make you do it every day. Instead, we take one full backup when you first install it, and after that, only backs up the data that has changed. These incremental backups are then automatically applied to the last backup, so at any time a full, current backup is ready for fast recovery.

Agentless VMware Backup

Traditional backup approaches that require the installation of a backup agent on each virtual machine are unable to scale with this rapid growth of virtual machines in the enterprise. Manually installing a backup agent on each virtual machine is inefficient, time consuming and expensive. It also increases the risk of data loss because newly spun-up virtual machines often go undetected by the system administrator. Our VMware Backup installs at the hypervisor level and automatically detects and backs up every virtual machine in the environment.


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