With the right technology in place, UK business can ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ despite the predicted disruption likely to be caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus.

 The UK government’s contingency plans spell out possible restrictions on public transport, a home childcare crisis caused by wide-scale school closures and up to one-fifth of workers falling ill at the same time. So how can businesses react?

 Working from home has never been more important, and businesses now have a window of opportunity to put measures in place that support communications and collaborations between staff, and with customers and suppliers – and to ensure that universal access to data is secure, resilient and performant.

 Is your business geared up to cope with the following?:

 Most or potentially all face-to-face business meetings needing to be replaced by phone calls, video conferences and ‘WebEx’-style sessions

 Perhaps some of your staff are already equipped with these capabilities, but are you able to roll this out to everyone who might need them, using their own personal devices?

 Start planning for this right now by considering a basic, uniform system specification that each employee will require in order to conduct their work without physically attending meetings. Comtec can help enable this with complete and dynamic industry-leading communications solutions and services, including connectivity for fixed and mobile.

 Phones and other communications going unanswered because no-one/not enough people are there to pick up.

 Whether or not you call it a ‘call/contact centre’, every business needs the facility to answer enquiries and deliver customer service. Most are 100% physical, but the trend is to build ‘virtual’ contact centre capabilities that mean your employees can be available anytime, from any location, and even on any device.

 Getting to that point can be far quicker and easier than people expect, with the right expert help and technology solutions. Comtec is very experienced in this area having implemented solutions for large and small organisations.

 The majority of staff staying at home to work, but needing the same access to applications and data that they would expect to have in the office

 Simply ‘being connected’ is sub-optimal. Workers need to get hold of the data they need, and use the software applications they are familiar with, even when they are out of the office. However, one wrong step and you open up potential data leakage risks.

 It’s never too late to start building a business continuity plan, or reviewing your existing provisions to take account of a new scenario. Unfortunately, few plans will have taken account of the need to keep people apart – most are focused on reinstating operations as a separate DR site. Comtec can help with a suite of dynamic business continuity solutions.

Critical IT equipment going offline but no-one being on site to do anything about it

Maintaining constant systems uptime is hard enough without your onsite team being potentially unable to come into work. Not only might you be unable to remedy systems or component failures, but in some cases you may even be completely unaware that downtime has occurred – until customers complain, by which time huge damage has been done to your revenue and reputation.

The answer lies in having remote monitoring and management in place to spot issues before they become problematic and take remedial action accordingly. Comtec provides this service 24/7, and can even continue to do so while our own staff work remotely. We also provide a range of UPS solutions to ensure that power failures don’t impact your business – and our advice is to look carefully at your current UPS provision to ensure it is appropriate to your needs before the coronavirus issue becomes any more serious.

A sudden influx of spam, email-borne malware and social engineering cyber attacks posing as legitimate information about the coronavirus outbreak.

It is a sad reflection on human nature that people’s natural concerns about an issue like coronavirus is exploited by cybercriminals looking to use it as a way in to commit theft and cause damage.

Your first defence against these threats is to promote awareness and vigilance among your users. Alongside this should be the all-important technological safeguards that identify and block these attacks. Comtec can support you with both.  

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