What is CleanCloud?

I would like you to think of Clean Cloud as this:

“A framework which encompasses a number of solutions which are aimed at assisting customers in utilising the Cloud to achieve their business needs.   It helps them through the many steps of moving into the cloud, part of which is the securing their users against some of the potential risks involved.    We aim to help customers by discussing with them their needs for moving into the cloud and then offering assistance in achieving that along with our experienced partners.  Quite often this can be an initial consultancy piece of work which may lead into full blown projects.”


Why are we offering this?

Many organisations are being told that the future is being in the cloud.   There are many drivers behind this, especially at this time with recent events:

  • Move to Operating cost from Capital cost
  • Recovery of office space back to the business
  • Flexibilty and Agility in providing and accessing IT resources
  • Access anywhere to applications in the new flexible way of working which the pandemic has driven companies into utilising remote workers

We want to help companies go down this path in a confident and secure way.

If you are considering moving some of your IT resouces into the cloud then contact us on 01737 228100 or Sales@comtec.com – one of our skilled cloud experts will discuss ways and options to help you down this path.   

Check out our datasheet here, contact us and take those first steps to make your business more effective in this uncertain world.

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