Comtec is currently designing and building a new server room design for an NHS client located in Sheffield – the latest in a series of NHS contracts Comtec has secured since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the pandemic has continued, our understanding of what these NHS clients need, combined with our flexibility and speed to deploy, has made us the perfect partner when it comes to upgrading and modernizing their IT infrastructure,” added Nick Claxson, CEO of Comtec Enterprises. “Our highly accredited staff, in-house transport, warehousing and installation teams mean these deployments can be carried out swiftly and efficiently.”

Following an initial enquiry regarding the need for a new server room design and build project for a refurbished office, we took the client through a design process as part of our initial consultancy through which we advised them on the immediate and future requirement of the room based on space, power, cooling monitoring, redundancy and future headroom requirements.

After a thorough month-long consultancy stage in which we worked with the client and tried and tested various solutions based on efficiency, redundancy and scalability, the client was able to choose the perfect solution for their unique needs, compromising the following components:

  • 8 x 42U racks
  • Modular N+1 high-efficiency UPS system with modular distribution to allow future moves, changes and scalability
  • Monitored and metered PDU strips with temperature and humidity sensors attached to monitor each rack
  • N+1 efficient cooling system that worked in an active set up with WiFi controls which allow the client to control the temperature for each individual unit from a single mobile application
  • Fire suppression system and VESDA to protect the room

Ultimately, this solution was chosen by the client due to its scalability as they had plans to add more racks to the room at a later stage and wanted to scale up the UPS/PDU strips and cooling system as necessary in the future. The system has a charted PUE of 1.4 which, due to its scalability, will not change from the day it’s installed to the day it is finally replaced.

After we completed this consultancy, the client asked us to look at a further solution for several comms rooms that required UPS, rack and PDU strips. Comtec has been awarded this project on top of the initial server room build, with several future projects in the pipeline at the time of writing.