When he isn’t helping customers develop and implement post-COVID IT strategies, new Comtec CTO Antony Eason is finding time to continue his consulting role for the UK government Department for Education (DfE).

 His latest project, reviewing technology books and study guides for tech learners at various DfE-defined levels, concluded this week.

 “Even more important that equipping the next generation with basic technology skills is inspiring tomorrow’s digital leaders with the tools to shape the future,” said Antony. “I’m grateful to Comtec in allowing me to continue these projects with education institutions both in the UK and the US, benefiting the evolution of learning content based on the experience of working at the coalface with real organisations.”

 Antony Eason was appointed Comtec CTO at the beginning of June, having relocated back to the UK after a period working with major US corporations on a succession of high-profile projects.

 And, according to CEO Nick Claxson, he has already hit the ground running through close engagement with key customers and partners.

 “It helps that there is a like-minded approach among the leadership team that’s committed to delivering IT excellence,” he said. “Antony’s passion of helping the next generation is also one shared by all at Comtec, both indirectly through opportunities like this and directly with our involvement in various charities and bursaries.”