Comtec has hired Andrew Mechen as Head of Office at its new Basingstoke offices. Andrew will oversee the ongoing development of Comtec’s Kickstart Scheme hires, of which there have been more than 40 since the company enrolled in the scheme and became its first ambassador in December 2020.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have dedicated ourselves to creating lasting job opportunities for young people at risk of long-term unemployment. Using the Kickstart Scheme as a starting point, we have gone beyond the parameters of the original six-month placement to offer all capable Kickstarters a full-time role, going as far as to invest in new office space in Basingstoke to house these new hires,” commented Nick Claxson, CEO of Comtec.

“Andrew will be pivotal in ensuring that we continue to give our Kickstarters the best possible chance of lasting careers from hereon in. We’re very pleased to have him on board.”

Andrew recognises the value of the Kickstart Scheme after he himself enrolled in a youth training scheme to gain employment after leaving school in 1985. “I’m living proof that schemes like this can change young people’s lives, and I can’t wait to help these young people make the most of the opportunity ahead of them,” added Andrew.

Prior to Andrew’s recent roles before joining Comtec, he also served in the British Military for 22 years, eventually becoming a Staff Sergent – something that he is confident has equipped him for his new role.

“My biggest responsibility as Head of Office will be working with our young hires, making sure they’re achieving everything they can, giving them the confidence to do so, and understanding what we can change to help them if they’re unsuccessful. My military life will come into play here – I know how to get the best out of my people, how to drive them, and how to offer them the opportunities to succeed.”