Comtec has today announced the launch of its second network operations centre (NOC). The NOC, based in Basingstoke, will enable Comtec to offer deeper insights into client installations and services in order to offer a ‘virtual assistance’ experience in the form of virtualized data centre managers, facility managers and more. This will allow Comtec to offer specific guidance to suit customers’ unique needs, from creating a more sustainable IT environment to increasing the lifespan of their existing equipment.

This is made possible by Comtec’s commitment to utilising its vast data sources to offer better, more informed insights to its growing customer base. While still using this and its existing NOC to monitor customer equipment, report incidents and respond to queries 24/7, Comtec analysts will now also be able to offer customers virtual assistance and insights to support their business goals.

The new service has been trialed on a series of high-profile customers since the beginning of 2021, including several county councils, to huge success. Alongside this, Comtec has spent the past quarter training its staff, workshopping, and trialing its new service on select customers. New ‘virtual’ assistants have also been hired to deliver this service to Comtec’s customer base.

“We’ve long been the data experts for our customers, reacting to their data and getting to know them better as a business,” added Nick Claxson, CEO, Comtec. “Now we’re able to use that data to help them meet their specific business objectives, whatever they may be. Whether it’s a customer we’re heavily involved with or a self-sufficient customer who usually asks for very little, we are positioning Comtec as the partner of choice for business insights, data-driven decisions and enacting periods of change – towards sustainability, healthier environments, improved efficiency, you name it.”

To find out more about this new service, what this means for existing customers, and how to make the most of data-driven insights, get in touch today.