Comtec is right now hard at work engaging with a London-based children’s hospital, as it looks to radically refresh its UPS estate and data centres, from simple battery changes to full UPS replacements.

This refresh includes the removal of a large number of single-phase UPSs that have been identified as risky or faulty, and pose potential hazards to the hospital’s future operations. This is the first step in a larger phased project that will see Comtec replace these either with like-for-like solutions, or better alternatives, depending on the needs of the hospital and Comtec’s ongoing consultancy and advice. 

As well as single-phase UPSs, Comtec is consulting the hospital around its larger three-phase UPSs and working to identify the best replacement or upgrade in the near future. 

This phased project also includes full audits for each comms room and data centre used by the hospital, the likes of which will enforce a wider output report that will identify further upgrade opportunities across the hospital’s UPS, cooling, layout, and monitoring. This report will also include suggestions around right-sizing, efficiency, scalability, redundancy, and future-proofing each room. 

Comtec is working closely with Schneider Electric to deliver this ongoing project.

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