Robust wireless access and improved resilience have become necessities as IoT, cloud computing, M2M learning, remote working needs, IaaS, SaaS and other network dependent technologies continue to infiltrate organisations across the globe. 


To enable this, we at Comtec have long put our WLAN and LAN expertise to your benefit, ensuring that your chosen networking solution is quick and simple to deploy, and optimised for your particular business case. But why stop there? Whatever your setup, Comtec can also help you make the most of your connectivity with a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). 


A replacement, or synergistic addition, for traditional MPLS or IP-VPN solutions, SD-WAN applies software-defined networking concepts to wide area networks, offering users full visibility and increased control of their networks from one centralised dashboard – regardless of geographical location. Shifting the control of your business’ network to the cloud, SD-WAN is simpler and faster to deploy, cheaper to run than traditional WAN, and, with Comtec, is supplier agnostic, so you can choose from several premium network providers.


So, whether you’re using Ethernet, EoFTTC, FTTC, or just about any other abbreviation for your networking needs, you can maximise your network and reap these core benefits.




SD-WAN provides a secure end-to-end encrypted network, and allows you to mix and match physical and virtual infrastructures – be it a combination of two or more Ethernet connection bonded on different ISP networks, up to three FTTC connections bonded, or two 4G connections on different networks, or a combination of any of the above.  Providing connections on different networks moves past traditional resilience solutions, providing true network level solutions that move past a single point of failure. Comtec provides this multi-path network access as part of its high-performance managed hosting solutions, all designed to offer  better reliability and improved ease of use. 




The one-stop, cloud-based control portal makes network management hassle-free, drastically reducing the time and manpower required to implement change management. Users can mix and match their chosen access technologies, and can even prioritise business-critical applications over and above other applications on the network, which allows for traffic to be directed via the most efficient route. An end to geographic restrictions give you true carrier independence with the ability to deliver anywhere in the world. 


Load balancing and circuit bonding

Load balancing spreads traffic across multiple paths to allow better efficiency and lower latency for applications which is beneficial when it comes to dealing with heavy traffic instances. What’s more, SD-WAN can enable load balancing across multiple links, balancing traffic across the links and providing resiliency in the case of link failure. Similarly, circuit bonded setups take individual connections and unite them in one connection. In doing so, traffic can be split to flow across multiple links effectively, in real time. This is pertinent for those using applications that are prone to latency or regular packet loss.


There are strong cases for both circuit bonding and load balancing, both of which are enabled by SD-WAN. We can work to identify your unique needs, and which solution would be the best fit for your organisation.


Cost efficiency


By giving you the choice to adopt the most cost effective access technology for your needs, you can mix and match network links according to the best access pricing available in your site’s geographical location.  Upgrades can be done efficiently, and technologies mixed and matched (Ethernet/ EoFTTC/ FTTC/ 4/5G etc) to overcome the challenges of having to wait for excess construction and way leave delays, keeping your business up and running and avoiding changes in IP addressing.



If you’re looking for better visibility and control of your network, want to expand your network to new locations, are concerned about your network security and the threat to business continuity, or are simply curious about where SD-WAN can compliment your wider digital transformation strategy, speak to Comtec today and find out how we can introduce flexibility, resilience, control and simplicity to your network management.