By Phil Reed, Head of Pre-Sales, Comtec

Resilience is the buzz word of the moment in the workplace. Everyone wants employees who can adapt to change, manage challenging situations effectively and while no one sets out to fail, a resilient person will learn and recover from their mistakes.

On the whole people are remarkably resilient but can you say the same for your IT infrastructure and applications? How quickly would you bounce back from a power outage, system failure or cyber attack? And almost more importantly, how will you adapt to future threats while simultaneously adapting to the changing needs of your business?

Resilience by Design
Enterprise systems have evolved significantly from being a collection of hardware, to platforms for service and application delivery. There are many things that you need to consider when enabling a truly resilient enterprise system. So, where should you start?

Power Supply and Backup
IT infrastructure without a UPS leaves you open to sudden, unexpected downtime that may last for an indeterminate period. Withdrawing power from sensitive IT systems in an uncontrolled manner and without warning can result in damage to those systems. Are you confident that your UPS can protect you from this?

Cooling and Heat Management
IT equipment generates an enormous amount of heat, so keeping this in check with cooling is critical to ensuring smooth, ongoing operations. This can become complicated when you need to balance energy costs with efficiency. Are you happy that you have a system which meets your requirements?

Structured Cabling that Adapts for Modern IT Infrastructure
Key to the success of high-performance IT is a well-planned data cabling design using proven technologies to achieve maximum reliability. Does your cabling meet your requirements for future standards and business growth?

Do your business-critical services and applications always receive the bandwidth they need while providing you with an easy to manage and cost-effective solution?

This is the last, but by no means least, important, point to consider when building a truly resilient enterprise system. The new era of enterprise IT demands that concepts of security, privacy and compliance are integral to any IT project − from the design and build stages to every level of infrastructure and application development.

One popular method for building IT applications securely is “Security by Design.” This concept ensures that security, privacy and compliance are included at the design and build stages at every level of infrastructure and application development. Can you say the same about your enterprise IT?

Security by Design
Technology is changing and while it can be a business enabler for your organisation, getting it right, and protecting it, can be more challenging.

IDC states that, “IT resilience needs to be a key strategic priority for any forward-thinking organisation and data protection needs to be top of mind for organisations in this resilience effort.”

Businesses need a partner that is customer centric, skilled and experienced in delivering solutions from a wide range of vendors that are fit for purpose. These solutions need to deliver resilience and security to your systems. Comtec adopts this approach, underpinned by a focus on security and compliance at the strategic and operational level.

Comtec is a Managed Applications Access Partner (MAAP) focusing on best-in-class technologies; finding the best solution for customers and supporting this with technical expertise and support. The MAAP philosophy is focused on providing you with business-critical systems and applications that grow with you, allowing you to meet your business objectives and growth targets. A true business enabler. Download our eBook to find out more about our approach.