Program offers world-class solutions to protect critical data, minimise downtime and ensure connectivity

Reigate, October 18, 2018: Comtec, a managed application access partner (MAAP), has been chosen as Schneider Electric’s first Elite Partner in Europe to drive forward its new APC Technology Partners Program in the UK.

The program is designed to address customers’ most pressing challenges by bringing together technology partners to provide business continuity solutions which achieve high availability and resiliency. The solutions consist of reliable hardware and software coupled with advanced cloud interfaces for simplified deployment and remote monitoring and management.

The new solutions, targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises, offer customers 100% coverage to prevent data loss and downtime. APC has partnered with innovative organisations Untangle, Infrascale and Accelerated Concepts Inc. to provide the following solutions:

Unified Threat Management with APCUntangle, an innovator in cybersecurity products designed specifically for the below-enterprise market, safeguarding businesses, remote offices, nonprofits, schools and governmental organisations. Security is critical to all networks and breaches are one of the fastest growing causes of downtime. Unified Threat Management provides a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that is extremely powerful yet simple to deploy and manage.

Back-up and Disaster Recovery with APCInfrascale, a company offering powerful disaster recovery and cloud backup solutions to businesses of all sizes. The Back-up and Disaster Recovery solution virtually eliminates data loss and downtime, provides insurance against ransomware attacks, and is managed by a single, simple to use, web-based user interface. It consists of a local recovery appliance and three-year, cloud-based, failover service that can protect critical data and systems at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional solutions. Infrascale is recognised as a 2017 Gartner Leader for Disaster Recovery as a Service.

4G/LTE Routing with APCAccelerated Concepts Inc., now a Digi International company, a leading provider of wireless cellular network data hardware and services. Deploying LTE (cellular) connectivity is simple for both new and existing sites to provide enterprise-grade availability, business continuity, and Wide Area Network diversity at a cost affordable for businesses of all size.

Eddie Desouza, head of new business, Comtec explains: “We’ve been working with APC for a number of years now and this latest evolution of the relationship will ensure that our customers are getting access to best-of-breed technologies designed specifically to negate downtime and ensure access to business-critical data and systems.”

“The markets we serve are increasingly operating at the network edge, where availability and resilience are top priorities. Our customers depend on our expertise in understanding and delivering business solutions that counteract the various causes around data loss and system downtime. These tried and tested technologies from APC, a trusted technology provider, will provide 100% coverage against them. We are delighted and excited that APC has chosen Comtec as their first UK go-to-market partner.”

Niraj Ray, new business lead Europe, Schneider Electric, says: “When it comes to the protection of critical data and providing access to it, being always available is the only option. Comtec, an Elite APC partner, is well positioned to help our customers understand the business-critical value that these next-generation solutions will deliver.”

The solutions, chosen for their ability to improve availability, will ensure critical data and access to that data is maintained, even in the event of a component or network service failure, natural disaster or security breach.