One of the first tasks when I moved into the role of CIO was the setup of a Software Division in the organisation.   We have always been more than a traditional reseller and support company and along with our CEO, Nick Claxson, wanted to put some key emphasis into the Software and Consultancy side of the business.   The days of box shifting in IT as the main generation of income is reducing due to the availability of multiple online stores and portals and lower margins.

We recognised that we needed to provide a better level of solution that solved customer’s problems rather than just delivering equipment.   One area that we had years of experience with was Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) which has moved on from simple SNMP reporting and email alerting of non-responsive devices.  We work with Schneider Electric and their EcoStruxureIT offerings, which along with on premise solutions work in the cloud to provide better access and availability of data – very relevant in these days of pandemic lockdown of staff.  

Another key benefit of gathering secure data into their data lakes – it allows the usage of AI to analyse the metadata regarding areas such as hardware and battery failures using environmental factors such as temperature, run times and humidity as well as age of equipment to predict when a customers equipment or component should be replaced prior to a potential service impacting breakdown.   This data is non-identifiable to other customers but is valid against their operation and environment.  

By showing heat maps and power paths the solutions can highlight where power and cooling savings can be made and even show the improvements in PUE (Power Utilisation Effectiveness) of your datacentres.

AI gives the customer a certain level of “hindsight” to aid with High Availability and the smooth running of their business operation.   Combined with our experienced staff it allows the customer to make informed operational and upgrade decisions.