In the IT space there is no denying the benefit that the right managed service provider can bring to a business. An MSP can help cut through the clutter of competing products, suggest and implement the latest technologies, and help organisations look after everything.

That’s the way it’s always been. But in the age of cloud, IoT, edge computing and digital transformation, is that enough? The answer is, emphatically no. MSPs tend to specialise — on physical infrastructure, technology infrastructure or hardware provision — and with the influx of these new trends, there’s the demand for these providers to be experts across several areas. Which in today’s day and age isn’t always possible.

The trap that many MSPs fall into is selling their customers solutions that they have in their repertoire, provided as a result of partnerships with certain vendors. Sounds like common sense, doesn’t it? Except, it’s not. Customers rely on their provider to give advice, make suggestions and introduce them to solutions that will ultimately makes their lives easier and meet their business requirements. But if the MSP only wants to sell what they actually have in stock and not necessarily what the customer needs, there’s a problem.

The role of the MSP must evolve.

Enter the MSP that focuses on best-in-class technologies. Not uncommon in today’s technology landscape. But what is uncommon is a provider that actively seeks the best product to meet your requirements, strengthening the solutions with technical expertise and an excellent support philosophy, while keeping security and compliance in mind. This is what Comtec has termed MAAP — managed applications access partner. This is both the company’s approach and its descriptor.

By placing the customer at the heart of the technology ecosystem and then building out the solutions around their requirements, the Comtec team ensures that customers are getting the best, most appropriate solutions that meet their business needs and help them overcome their technology challenges through the application of technical knowledge and first-class support.

In addition, the team takes compliance and security requirements seriously, and can audit your organisation to discover any gaps, as well as supply products and solutions that not only meet those requirements, but can be integrated into the wider environment in the same way.

Whether that’s at the infrastructure level supplying cooling and power to a datacentre, providing compute power for use in-house or in the cloud, delivering connectivity throughout the business, or a combination of everything, Comtec relies on its extensive industry experience, strong support and position as a MAAP to help customers optimise efficiencies, increase resilience and be more competitive.

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