By Nick Claxson, CEO, Comtec

In an increasingly crowded technology market where there’s not that much difference between competing solutions and products, how do managed service providers (MSPs) and other technology providers elevate themselves above the competition? This is a question on many minds over the last few years, especially as the requirement to provide these solutions in a secure and compliant way has become critical.

The answer lies in customer service — much like it does for the beleaguered retail sector. Except, when it comes to technology, there’s a lot more to it than just being responsive and proactive. Yes, it’s still about meeting agreed SLAs; but looking at the idea of service excellence, there’s a much broader approach at work.

In the technology world there’s an overarching philosophy — something either works, or it doesn’t. If something doesn’t work, then it’s critical to get it fixed. But what if you could avoid that, or at least lessen the likelihood of that happening? And how would you do that?

By giving your customers products and solutions that are fit for purpose, that meet their actual requirements and will bring value to their business. So a key part of this for MSPs (or managed application access partners – MAAPs – in the case of Comtec) is understanding the customer, the way their business operates and what role the technology needs to play in helping them achieve that.

For Comtec, being a MAAP is as much a philosophy as its descriptor. The company places the customer at the heart of the technology ecosystem, building out solutions based on their requirements. This ensures customers get the best, most appropriate solutions – delivered with technical expertise, excellent support and within the bounds of security and compliance requirements.

But these solutions don’t operate in isolation and should be deployed, implemented and supported with the right level of technical expertise. After all, something only really works properly if it’s correctly integrated into the greater whole. For technology this is particularly important because it impacts on all areas of the business.

Service excellence then encompasses all these aspects; good service (certainly), excellent support (definitely); an understanding of the customer’s business requirements and objectives; and technical expertise from the MAAP to make them deliver the promised value.

Going forward, this attention to detail, expertise and understanding will provide MSPs with the competitive advantage they need to rise head and shoulders above their competitors and capture more market share.

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