Cybersecurity threats are growing and evolving, and increasingly targeting those vulnerable endpoints and users who now work outside the corporate network in the wake of Covid. Ransomware exploits continue to blight businesses large and small, with roughly 2.8m unique samples of ransomware in the wild (and growing) and attacks becoming more sophisticated with file-based, fileless, and multi-stage/component variants employed by cybercriminals.

These and similar attacks once again highlight the importance of deploying the right kind of multi-layered defensive framework to protect crucial data and the IT infrastructure.

Next Gen EDR is Critical for Enterprise Security

Focus is turning from the obsolete nature of traditional signature-based endpoint protection toward far superior next-gen EDR (endpoint detection and remediation) alternatives.

Our choice to fight back is Bitdefender, one of the biggest EDR vendors in the world, independently validated as a market leader by industry and technical analysts and with a long list of technology accreditations, certifications, awards and patents.

  • The Bitdefender platform – GravityZone – protects organisations from endpoint to cloud, all with a single unified platform that means a simplified approach, easier management and better attach prevention.
  • Its threat intelligence network is purportedly the biggest in the world, protecting over 500 million endpoints which means the fastest responses to zero-day threats.
  • Bitdefender technology is widely adopted by the cyber industry and is used in 38% of cybersecurity products branded by other vendors, which means it’s a trusted platform.
  • Advanced GravityZone features, from virtual patching and risk analytics to EDR and NTSA, provide the most advanced security when you need it – as well as essentials like patch management, encryption and email security, all from a single platform.

Bitdefender GravityZone Elite: Enterprise Grade EDR

Bitdefender GravityZone Elite is an integrated endpoint protection, risk management and attack forensics platform, enhanced with user behaviour risk analytics.

GravityZone Elite safeguards organisations from a full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats. With more than 30 machine learning-driven security technologies, GravityZone provides multiple layers of defence that consistently outperform conventional endpoint security, as proven in independent tests. A single-agent, single-console solution for physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud-based endpoints and email, GravityZone Elite adds the human element in to your security ecosystem, minimising management overhead while giving you ubiquitous visibility and control.

How GravityZone Protects Against Ransomware

Bitdefender GravityZone provides multiple anti-ransomware capabilities, having all its layers work together adaptively for prevention, detection and remediation.

PREVENTION: Machine learning anti-malware and advanced anti-exploit capabilities

  • The solution trains itself automatically using 1 trillion samples from over 500 million endpoints worldwide. Regardless of how much the malware or ransomware is modified, Bitdefender can accurately detect new ransomware patterns, in both pre-execution and run-time mode.
  • Ransomware writers often use exploit kits that take advantage of zero-day or un-patched vulnerabilities to gain a foothold in systems. By focusing on attack techniques, Bitdefender protects your systems and prevents ransomware from spreading.

EARLY DETECTION: Real-time process monitoring

  • GravityZone monitors running processes, such as registry key modification, file read/write/encryption action, and stops ransomware activity in its tracks.

REMEDIATION: Investigation and clean up

  • Analyse how an attack was engineered and zero in on its specific stages, machines, processes, files, web domains and other elements. Enhance GravityZone’s automatic remediation capabilities with manual action, such as remotely running PowerShell commands on the infected machine, killing a process, quarantining a file or adding a file to a shared blocklist

We are rolling out Bitdefender to customers in all sectors to assure cybersecurity protection and compliance. Please contact us for more information, or to take advantage of trials, demos and special offers.