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​The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to create new 6-month jobs for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long term unemployment. Thousands of employers, across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, have already applied for funding.

Comtec Enterprises got involved with the kickstarter scheme and are more than happy to share their experiences.

Max Chaune got onto the kickstarter scheme when the pandemic took his job as a full time kitchen assistant, so he got in contact with universal credit and his work coach they gave him Nick Claxson’s email so Max sent the email and had an interview a week later.

He was a bit concerned when starting at comtec as he has never worked in this kind of industry before.

Max was in such a hurry to find a job he didn’t care where but he is very happy to be with Comtec as he picks things up quickly and easily and that’s a great skill to have in such a quick moving company.

His favorite thing about working for Comtec is that everybody listens to you and is always offering a helping hand, they all celebrate our atcheivments as a good working team should, he also enjoys learning new things and setting new ambitions.


Max - Social

Max in his free time likes to go hiking, go to the cinema and likes to read books in his own personal library.  His aspirations are to get his driving done and owning his own house, he would like to have a programming hobby as well 😊

David Hislop applied for Comtec through the Kickstarter scheme, before starting at Comtec David worked as a manager at KFC and in a warehouse, he was then unemployed and on universal credit when his work coach recommended the Job at Comtec.

David had some concerns as he had never before worked in the tech world or in sales he was nervous as he didn’t know anyone and worked from home at the time.

Working at Comtec in the Kickstarter scheme was better than what David was expecting it to be, he said he likes the hours, he enjoys the job as its very flexible and feels more useful in the new marketing role.

So far David’s biggest achievement is reorganising the website making it a better place to be by making it easier to find everything you need.

Moving forwards David would like to achieve a higher salary by gaining experience and company knowledge he also would like to see the new marketing team be successful.

His favourite thing is the nice people that work here and the hours aren’t too bad either 😉

David feel like a valued team player and sees plenty of potential in his team

David - Social

Outside of work David is a gamer and enjoys building computers in his spare time. David is passionate about team work and being a positive influence when building work relationships. His goal is to make enough money to day trade on the stock market 😊

Jack Harrington started with the kickstart scheme at the end of June 2021.  He is an account manager at Comtec Enterprises.

Jack was on universal credit before starting at Comtec, his work coach got in contact  informing him of the opportunity, so he sent an email to Nick Claxson and received a very quick reply.

The only concerns Jack had was he had no idea what to do or what the company was really about but since being at Comtec his confidence has grown and he is more knowledgable on what he needs to do.

He also didn’t know what to expect but when he got into the Basingstoke office he said everyone was very welcoming and doesn’t feel like there is too much pressure on  him.

Jacks biggest acheivment so far is making sales calls as it’s really helped with building his confidence, moving forwards he would like to get better at sales and maybe move to a higher role whilst improving his company knowledge.

His favorite thing about working for Comtec he said is the people he works with as they makes it a great enviroment he also enjoys building work friendships.

Jack - Social

Molly Murphy is 18 years old and has been working for Comtec since March, she is coming up to 6 months in her Kickstarter journey at Comtec.

Before starting at Comtec she has worked in waitressing, retail, catering, as a barista and her last job was a playworker at a primary school.

She found out about the kickstarter scheme when her family told her about it. Molly heard about Comtec when she applied for universal credit and asked them about the Scheme then her work coach suggested applying at Comtec.

 Her only concerns were walking into an office enviroment with no previous experince.

It’s not what she expected, Molly thought it would just be work, work, work but has learned building work relationships and being able to connect with people in the office is important.

 So far her biggest achievment is the way she’s presented herself, she said she’s usually the shy one that doesn’t talk but at Comtec she’s unlocked a new confidence however moving forward she would like to achieve expanding and growing the Comtec social media, getting better reach and to make Comtec a better known company to the younger generation.

 Molly’s favourite thing about Comtec is being able to see everybodys progress and growth as it makes her feel motivated to see her own growth.


Molly - Social

Molly is passionate about being a non judgmental  voice in the room to be someone people can be comfortable around, she also has other passions such as art and fashion.

Her goals in life is to be happy, healthy, financially stable and to be in a career that feels like a hobby instead of a job and to travel and experience as much as possible

Olivia Jeans is a sales executive here at Comtec. she joined the kickstarter scheme in July 2021 after her work coach at Universal Credit suggested she applied for Comtec.  Olivia said that she had no concerns coming into Comtec and that the job is almost exactly how she expected it to be, Olivia is enjoying her time at Comtec so far.

Her biggest achievement so far has been being asked for a quote and nearly making a sale but has noticed the improvements since first starting.  Moving forwards Olivia hopes to achieve a promotion. 

Olivia’s favourite thing about working for Comtec are how friendly her co-workers are and how easily the conversation flows.  Olivia feels valued but said she knows if she wasn’t around that the team would still be able to function without but knows it’s helpful her being there.  😊

Olivia - Social

​Outside of work Olivia likes to make sure her house is clean and she is passionate about making lots of money and aspires to be more then financially stable.

Jashmin Gurung is a sales executive transitioning into a business developer and is going really good so far.

She went to university last year, had a little break then started working at John Lewis and then Boots, Jashmin was just about to start working at Specsavers when she attended the interview for Comtec.

She heard about Comtec through universal credit who told her all about the kickstarter scheme.

She had no concerns and nothing surprised her as Nick Claxson gave her a full rundown on what to expect.

Her biggest acheivement so far is going from sales, Andrew Mechen seeing the potential in her to become a business developer.

In the future she would like to see herself in the HR department in Comtec and to see progress in business development.

Jashmin’s favourite thing about the company is that she can see that the people she works with enjoy themselves.

She definitely feels like a valuable member of the team and wants to continue to learn and grow.

Jashmin - Social

Jashmin in her free time enjoys getting some rest especially sleeping 😊 her ambitions in life are to get established and to be financially stable

George Jack is a junior Sales Executive, before Comtec he was looking for a job and on universal credit so his work coach recommended Comtec and suggested he should apply for the role.

His only concerns about starting was having to make phone calls, because of his anxiety that was something that terrified of but he knew it was a really good opportunity.

So far so good, George is enjoying Comtec and knows everybody is expected to find their own place.

His biggest achievement is making his first call as it was a big step for him mentally and feels like his could even move up within the company if he keeps up with his ambition. He hopes in the future to be able to keep improving his knowledge and his confidence as he hopes to keep up consistent work with clients.

His favourite thing about Comtec is the relaxed environment as his nerves gets taken away by how relaxed, welcoming and accepting it is.

He definitely feels like a valued player as he is the office pro with Hansa and helps everyone when they need it.

George is passionate about being the best version of himself and wants to help the people around him achieve as well, his goals are to boost his confidence and to be happy at home 😊

George - Social

Outside of work George likes to watch TV, play video games as that’s his way of self care.

Liam Stockdale is becoming a lead generator here at Comtec, before starting he didn’t do much as he was struggling to find work so he turned to universal credit who explained to him about the Kickstarter  Scheme and they told him about Comtec.

Although Liam was nervous he didn’t have any major concerns apart from meeting people in the office for the first time, he is made to feel like a valued member of Comtec.

His biggest achievement so far is meeting people and being able to build good work relationships he says he would like to achieve in the future knowing all the knowledge there is to know about Comtec so he can become the Comtec ‘Wikipedia’.

His favourite thing so far is getting to work in his field of interest as he can keep up with demand, Liam defiantly feels like a valued member.


Liam - Social

Outside of work Liam likes to play video Games and is passionate about learning and never wants to stop he says he wants to learn absolutely everything.

Before working at Comtec Andrew Mechen was the building manager of Belvedere House. he sold office space, kept up with Health and Safety standards and made sure clients and customers received the correct service they deserved.

Andrew first heard of Comtec when he first met Nick in 2017 when he sold him an office, he bought two offices and that was the first time they had been introduced.

He had zero concerns moving into Comtec.  He was in a transition phase of leaving Biz space and joining Comtec. Before he even got the full job spec for what he’s doing now he was already fully emotionally invested in the company and in what Nick wanted to see and what drive he had.

Although Andrew was offered a higher pay within other companies, Nick’s drive and his goals were aligned with what Andrew wanted to personally achieve, he also enjoys what he does so no money could match that passion.

Andrew said the job is more then what he expected as no job is always going to be like what the brief says, it’ll always grow and adapt to the environment. although there is a routine set, everyday is different, the job is ‘broader and meatier’ then what originally expected, but that is another aspect he enjoys.

When asked’ what is your biggest achievment so far’ Andrew replied with ‘seeing peoples eyes’ what he means by this is when you’re explaining something and can see people don’t understand but when you guide them through it and offer a helping hand and then when they understand you can see when  the penny drops in their eyes. He’s also achieved seeing all the new kickstarters grow and develop confidence.

Moving forwards Andrew would like to see the people in the office achieve and reach their personal goals to build a productive and balanced working enviroment.

Andrews favourite thing about Comtec is the people and environment as it’s very easy to bounce ideas off people and how no one is afraid of asking questions as everybody is learning together.

He feels like a very valued member of the team as he could pick up the phone and get a response and the issue is resolved immediately, or if he has an idea that could benefit the team it is very well listened to communication.

He is passionate about education as learning happens everyday, people need to deveolop themselves and learning is a big part of that.

Andrew’s kids are his life as much as he likes to pretend otherwise, they’re the only reason he’s down in the south as he made a promise to them that no matter where he is, he’ll always only be an hour away. so outside of work he spends times with his kids.