Power Supply and Backup

Within every datacentre and server room are the high-performance compute, storage and
networking infrastructures that enable new digital IT possibilities for organisations of all kinds.
But the real stars of the show are the UPS systems, providing uninterruptible power no matter
what happens. Without these, there is no mission-critical IT.

Understanding the world of UPS options provides IT and facilities managers with the opportunity to find solutions that align to their unique business objectives. Procuring, scaling, servicing and maintaining UPS systems are all key considerations to ensure maximum business uptime. You even need to consider UPS resilience; what happens if a UPS system unexpectedly fails and there is no secondary backup power source available?

Just some of our clients

Schneider Electric, Lonely PlanetCardiff University.

Comtec’s unique offering of PMV for multiple UPS’s

UPS PMV Service Pack – Peace of Mind

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