Recent months have seen organization moving to remote working out of necessity. In turn, businesses have discovered that enabling their staff to work from home can deliver incredible benefits, such as a reduction in operating costs in the form of savings on office space, travel and commuting expenses. Employees who enjoy flexibility in the workplace also tend to be happier and more motivated, resulting in enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism, and better staff retention.

One thing is for sure, a long-term effect of the ongoing pandemic is that remote working is here to stay. In the first lockdown many businesses coped with whatever solution they could to keep them going for a few months. Now, however, business owners and IT Managers are aware of the need to re-evaluate their technology with a more permanently distributed workforce in mind. If you currently find yourself in this position, read our top three pointers to bear in mind when looking at how to best enable and empower your remote workforce.

  1. The phone still plays a critical part in doing business for most companies. Supporting remote workers from a voice communications perspective should be a top priority. A cloud-based phone solution will allow your home workers to access the system remotely; meaning customers still enjoy a professional experience when calling in.
  2. Teamwork and collaboration should be easy. Remote workers risk feeling excluded if they don’t have the same level of interaction as their office-based colleagues. You need to make it easy for your teams to join a video call, chat and share screens so that they can stay connected and productive. Video meetings that can be launched from a browser without complex sign-in are a real winner here.
  3. Try to stick to one platform. Disjointed and clumsy tools can make collaboration a challenge with delays from login issues, audio problems and connection dropouts. Choose a unified solution that allows your teams to communicate with voice, video, screen share – all in one secure and reliable place.

Flexible and remote working solutions are in high demand, whilst your staff deserve a consistent experience to allow them to collaborate easily and be responsive to customers. 

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