You’ve just found out how much the server / storage / networking manufacturer wants to charge you for another year of hardware maintenance, and it isn’t pretty. That’s what happens when kit gets to around 3 years’ old – costs shoot up because support resources are increasingly focused on the latest generation of technology rather than the assets you were hoping to sweat for longer. Can you do any better than hope to negotiate a reduction on the renewal quote for another 12 months?

 For those in the know, there is another way that delivers savings of over 50%: third-party hardware maintenance.

 Here are the 6 reasons why companies are increasingly turning to specialist hardware maintenance providers to deliver the same or better coverage than their server / storage / networking OEM.

 Save huge sums off your opex budget

OEM hardware maintenance on core datacentre hardware routinely costs tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds annually, and will run into the millions per year for the largest companies. Third-party maintenance contracts usually amount to just half the cost of OEM warranties, which means significant sums are unlocked for reinvestment into other areas. At Comtec, we typically save customers between 50-70% off their renewal quotes for a like-for-like service.

Sweat your assets for longer

All technology needs to be refreshed at some point, but manufacturers have a vested interest in churning your hardware as fast as possible – and certainly quicker than your budget can comfortably allow. With third-party maintenance, you can remain confident in getting maximum bang for your buck from medium to long-term IT asset investments.

Unify support from a single provider

Vendor and contract management is an unwelcome distraction, especially for IT teams with multi-vendor environments and a host of half a dozen or more distinct maintenance services from individual OEMs. Third-party maintenance is a great opportunity to streamline support. As well as keeping costs even more competitive through economies of scale, this also benefits uptime and aligns with best practice governance because maintenance issues can be managed in the full context of the business and its IT needs – rather than fragmented with individual OEMs looking solely at their kit. Comtec expertise spans the entire datacentre environment from server and storage hardware to networking and critical infrastructure like UPS and cooling.

Tap into specialist maintenance skills

Maintenance professionals at leading third-party providers like Comtec spend all day working on a variety of technologies rather than just a single OEM brand. This perspective and experience is invaluable in delivering value to the requirements of complex environments. And while manufacturers’ maintenance crews might be hard to beat in their knowledge of new technologies, manufacturers themselves place comparatively low value on skills related to older versions and models. Third-party maintainers, by contrast, are in the business of helping customers succeed with medium to long term technology investments – hence they place a much higher value on accumulating and differentiating with these specialist skills.

Access global parts and engineering support

Many OEMs rely on maintenance partners to provide international geographic coverage for onsite support, break-fix and spares – so why not cut out the middleman and get these capabilities from third-party specialists with global support capabilities? Need a part faster than the original vendor says they can ship it? Chances are, your third-party maintenance provider will have it ready for next-day delivery from their inventory. Comtec access to worldwide hardware maintenance spares, logistics and field-based engineers means you always get the support you need.

Capitalise on co-termination to align maintenance contracts into a single lifecycle

Work with a provider like Comtec to consolidate service contracts onto a single bill with a single expiration date. This ‘co-termination’ is the ideal housekeeping measure to align maintenance spend and rationalise costs. And with hardware maintenance effortlessly streamlined, asset management and other IT governance processes are significantly simpler too.

Third-party maintenance makes perfect business sense for a variety of reasons. To find out how much you could save right away, we are offering a complementary asset audit to prepare a full quote. Alternatively, please provide your list of hardware assets and – if possible – details of maintenance contract renewal dates